Having a swimming pool is great,

With a  pool cover on your swimming pool , will benefit your whole family.

And improve your swimming pool safety right now!

83% pool owners use a swimming pool cover and why you not.

Before you buying a pool cover , compare these 11 swimming pool covers and choose the best one for your pool.

1Polycarbonate Pool Cover

A polycarbonate pool cover, which you can also call a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure, combines high strength and built-in ultraviolet protection.

retractable pool enclosure


These winter covers are made from virgin polycarbonate material.

It is a swimming pool safety accessory you can count on even in devastating weather conditions.

More interestingly, you can use them for snow prone areas such as Hawaii or Colorado.

They will certainly protect your swimming pool from 3 foot snow.

winter cover made of polycarbonate sheet

Honestly, you will be surprised by the amount of load polycarbonate swimming pool covers can handle.

Over 100 kg, without showing any effects of carrying a load!

Forget about the rigid and tough solid polycarbonate sheets in swimming pool enclosures.

No, here I am talking about a winter cover that you can seamlessly roll over your pool.

It is flexible and come in many designs, colors and shapes.

Below is a good example:

retractable pool enclosures

This is a polycarbonate swimming pool cover.

Unlike other winter pool covers (which I’ll discuss shortly), these pool covers are slightly expensive.

But, they are durable.

Normally, I find polycarbonate swimming pool covers cost effective in the long run.

You can use them for more than ten years.

I will not lie to you:

A polycarbonate swimming pool cover I bought over 7 years ago is still in excellent shape.

polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure

2Sliding Deck Pool Cover

Do you wish to try something new?

Well, here is a perfect alternative for you – a sliding deck pool cover.

One thing that is captivating and interesting about this winter pool cover is its design.

It’s one secret that you’ll hardly find out there.

I can confidently say that sliding deck pool covers are tough and strong.

After closing this winter cover, you can comfortably go about other activities on its surface.

What I mean is that:

You can put tables, beds or use the surface for any other activity.

Your kids or pets can play on it (though I don’t recommend) without worrying about their safety.

As you can see from the example below, sliding deck pool covers are mainly made from wood.

This wood must be waterproof.

This is a sliding swimming pool deck.

The design is such that there are two rails at the extreme ends of the swimming pool.

Therefore, you can push the sliding deck back and forth, depending on whether you want to open or close your swimming pool.

Once you lock it, no one can access or fall in the pool.

As a result, you can improve your swimming pool safety right away.

However, it requires an extra space, especially in the direction where you will slide the pool cover.

Furthermore, it is not as durable as polycarbonate pool covers.

You can try this if you need a winter cover that is natural.

It blends well with a wooden swimming pool deck.

I know this pool cover is not popular among homeowners.

Anyway, let’s discuss another pool cover.

I know you have seen it before.

What am I talking about?

3Mesh Pool Covers

If you’re serious about your swimming pool safety, but you can’t afford the first two winter pool covers, then this is a better alternative for you.

Unlike the previous mesh pool covers, the modern ones are strong to support heavy weight.

It is quite interesting as you will learn shortly.

Anyway, let me take you straight to essential aspects of this swimming pool cover.

You need a mesh pool cover made from high quality material and workmanship.

It should be a super dense mesh that blocks nearly all light.

However, it should still allow for melting snow to drain through.

As you will learn later in this article, there are special winter pool covers with advanced features that can improve your swimming pool safety.

Keep reading to learn more:

This is a mesh pool cover.

A good example of the modern mesh pool covers may have the following possibilities:

  • Polyester bonded thread for high strength and safety
  • Double thick straps and perimeter webbing for extra strength
  • Special yarn for extra ultraviolet stability

Here is the secret:

You need to buy a mesh pool cover with unique features and proven history of exemplary performance.

Form the habit of comparing the available swimming pool safety covers.

This is the only way you will get a reliable accessory.

Apart from these three, another interesting winter cover that you need to look for is this one:

4Automatic Pool Covers

I know how difficult it is to open and cover swimming pools, especially for a large one.

Frankly, this can be a major safety concern.

This is why you need a swimming pool cover where you only press a button to open and close the pool.

It is so simple a process.

I know the automatic pool covers do come with a high initial cost of investment.

However, by spending that extra amount of money, you will have a peace of mind.

This is an automatic pool cover.

Remember, even the other 3 winter pool covers and those I will discuss shortly can have an automated option.

That is, you can choose automatic pool covers with:

In most cases, you can choose, manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic swimming pool covers.

Apart from the automatic, you may want to install pool covers with more specific applications.

Here are fascinating designs to consider:

5Bubble Pool Cover

If you want to increase swimming pool water temperature by about 10°C, then bubble pool cover is a perfect alternative.

In fact, it is for this reason that you may refer to it as solar pool cover.

When you install solar pool cover, there is a high chance of saving a significant amount of energy costs.

Remember, it will also save you from replacing the swimming pool heating system.

This is a bubble swimming pool cover.

As the name “bubble” suggests, these pool covers are made from a polyethylene material with bubble or air pockets.

It is these air pockets that absorb and transfer heat to the swimming pool water.

Throughout the time I was using bubble pool covers, it was evident that they are affordable and easy to install.

Moreover, they absorb heat during the day and hold for a long time when the outside temperature falls.

However, you should realize that not all bubble pool covers will protect your pets or kids from drowning.

Therefore, you must specify your intentions at the time of purchase.

Another accessory that I find useful is:

6Floating Pool Cover

Floating pool covers serve the purpose as the solar pool covers.

In fact, bubble pool cover is a good example of a floating pool cover.

When you examine these pool covers closely, it is quite evident that they are heavy duty and ultraviolet radiation stabilized.

Moreover, they have small plastic bubble warp, making them to float on swimming pool water.

This is a floating swimming pool cover.

Even though I don’t recommend them for swimming pool safety, you can use them to keep the water warm.

Whenever you are using these covers, be careful not damage the cell of the bubbles.

Again, the material may be susceptible to chlorine therefore you should remove the cover during swimming pool water chlorination.

You can only replace it back when the levels of chlorine drop to 1-3ppm.

As I mentioned earlier, don’t use floating pool covers for safety purposes.

In case you cannot get suitable swimming pool covers, I can recommend these:

7Thermal Pool Covers

I want you to realize one thing:

Relying on the sun’s heat to heat swimming pool water is cost effective.

This is because you will reduce energy costs significantly.

You will also increase the lifespan of the swimming pool heat pumps.

The truth is that thermal pool covers have unique designs for two main purposes:

  • Help retain a significant amount of heat hence they are better than the solar covers.
  • Blocking UV rays that facilitate growth of destructive algae.

Furthermore, unlike the solar covers that have bubbles, thermal pool covers have an insulating foam material.

Owing to their unique design, you’ll find a thermal pool cover of the same size as floating or solar covers to be a little expensive.

Below is an example of thermal pool cover:

This is a thermal pool cover.

The good thing with modern thermal pool covers is that, once your pool is warm, it will help to retain the heat.

In fact, I have proved this beyond reasonable doubt.

For instance, back in 2015, I noted that on average, the best thermal pool cover can stop 63 to 77% of heat loss.

This implies that, it has better insulation property than bubble blanket.

Remember, this will depend on the design of its structure which may feature:

  • Between 2 to 3 mm thick
  • Multilayer construction
  • Reinforced
  • Waterproof

So, don’t forget these whenever you’re shopping for thermal pool covers.

Just ensure you do a thorough research on every aspect of these accessories.

Even as you do this, remember to buy one that is aesthetically pleasing.

8Roller Automatic Pool Cover

Again, a roller automatic pool cover is a good example of an easy to use accessory.

They feature an easy to use electric system where you can roll the cover in minutes.

All you need to do it press a bottom to cover or open the swimming pool.

This is a swimming pool cover with a roller automatic system.

Please let complex terms such as “retractable pool covers” not confuse you.

There are those manufacturers that refer to roller automatic pool covers as such.

The design of these covers is such that you can choose those that use either electricity or battery that you can charge via a solar system.

I can recommend the latter. Remember, the whole world is currently focusing on green energy.

Among the key features of roller automatic pool covers are:

  • A trackless mechanisms hence easy to install
  • No pulling of the cover using cables or strings and thus, it is cost effective. They have a simple push and pull operation.
  • Saves time, energy and heat

The design of roller automatic pool covers is such that, they have two wheels at the two ends of the swimming pool.

Their design is such that, they can move back and forth, to stop only when the swimming pool is fully covered or closed.

Of course, the movement is due to an electric motor.

Although the initial investment cost of roller automatic pool cover can be high, the long term benefits are worth it.

Remember, the automatic roller only refers to the opening and closing mechanism.

By this I imply that you can have a roller automatic pool cover with:

  • Polycarbonate swimming pool cover
  • Mesh pool cover
  • Bubble pool cover
  • Floating pool covers, etc.

In short, you can use the automatic roller system with any pool cover or blanket.

That aside.

There is yet another important fact that most homeowners ignore, yet is cost them hundreds of dollars.

By the way, when did you evaluate the costs of heating your swimming pool water?

I know you haven’t done so for a long time.

Now, I want to introduce you to another important swimming pool cover.

With this, you don’t have to worry about doing frequent swimming pool energy audit.

This is the:

9Insulated Pool Covers

Insulated pool covers are special types of accessories that are known for their energy saving characteristics.

Obviously, insulated pool cover has special structure and design that prevent unnecessary heat loss.

You can control the swimming pool temperature, while reducing the growth of algae.

This is a semi-automatic swimming pool cover.

Insulated pool covers come in a range of materials as long as they have good heat retention capabilities.

Besides, unlike the old designs, modern insulated pool covers are aesthetically pleasing.

Depending on the surrounding environmental conditions, your swimming pool may lose a lot of energy.

This is a fact you cannot run away from.

Do you know that whenever the temperature within the environment drops below that of the swimming pool a lot of heat will be lost?

This is why I am always a proponent of installing high quality insulated pool covers.

I want to give you one critical secret no manufacturer will ever tell you.

The truth is that the heart of any insulated pool cover is the type of material.

More importantly, each material should be in its highest quality possible.

By doing this, it is a guarantee that you will save a lot of money.

10Safety Pool Covers

Whether you’re preparing a pool for winter or other seasons, safety is an integral aspect.

In fact, for people who have kids and there are no other swimming pool barriers, safety pool covers is a must have accessory.

I will be frank with you today:

There are many swimming pool covers in the market today.

However, not all will improve your swimming pool safety.

A swimming pool safety cover

From my experience over the years, a good safety pool cover should have the following key features:

  • Tough to support enormous weight. With such, both kids and animals cannot fall in the swimming pool.
  • Stronger; therefore, it can support enormous weight.
  • Features the highest quality of material available
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Exceeds the ASTM swimming pool cover safety standards

So, how do you get such a high quality accessory?

Here is a trick no one will tell you:

Buy safety pool covers from reliable and trusted manufacturer.

Forget the sales gimmicks such as “a swimming pool cover that support the weight of elephants”.

Focus on facts that you can test and prove.

The truth is that there are quite a number of safety covers that do not meet the recommended standards.

Normally, these swimming pool safety covers can be in the form of solid or mesh covers.

Even as you choose any of them, focus on their quality.

Apart from these, here is yet another fascinating swimming pool cover.

It is luxurious and multifunctional accessory.

This is the:

11Partial Plexiglass Pool Cover

Do you have a commercial swimming pool?

Or, do you wish to expand your event space over a swimming pool?

Well, a perfect solution for this is a unique partial plexiglass pool cover.

It is a perfect dance pool cover.

Look at this, what do you see?

A plaxi glass pool cover

Plexi glass acrylic dance floor covers are a perfect way of utilizing the entire surface of the pool for other events.

The good thing about having a partial plexiglass pool cover is that, you can rent it to other swimming pool owners.

I have made some bucks from a plexiglass pool cover and can do this too.

After all, who does not need extra income?

A partial plexiglass pool cover is safe, virtually unbreakable and durable.

They form fascinating dance platforms over the pools.

From these best 11 swimming pool covers, I am sure you have identified one that is suitable.

Basically, they guarantee swimming pool safety to a certain extent. It all depends on the design.

Again, I am sure choosing an appropriate winter pool cover can be an overwhelming task.

Don’t worry, that’s why I am here.

I can help you choose a good swimming pool cover design.

But, before I conclude this swimming pool cover article, it is important that you know other functions of this accessory.

Remember, it’s is not all about swimming pool safety, but also other additional functions/uses.

Here is all you need to know:

12Benefits of Swimming Pool Cover

outdoor swimming pool enclosures

Throughout this article, I am sure you have learnt some benefits of swimming pool winter covers.

In this section, I will have a quick overview of the most important benefits of winter pool covers.

These benefits include:

  • Heats swimming pool water, thus saving on energy costs; a good example is bubble covers
  • Conserves water by reducing evaporation; this saves you from filling the pool and water bills
  • Blocks debris and dirt
  • Keeps your family and pets safe since the cover completely seals off the swimming pool
  • Helps to increase lifespan of swimming pool accessories such as pumps, filter stems, heaters, etc.
  • Saves swimming pool water chemicals such as chlorine. These covers block all ultraviolet radiations that degrade chlorine

Clearly, a swimming pool cover is a must have accessory owing to the above numerous benefits it offers.

Now, you should seize this opportunity to choose one cover that works well for you.

It doesn’t matter how your swimming pool looks like.

Whether it is a regular or an irregular shaped swimming pool, there is an appropriate pool cover for you.

If you can’t choose one, just feel free to consult me.

Also, I’d love to hear your experiences about these swimming pool covers.

You can leave a quick comment below.