Best 30 Pool Vacuum Head Reviews and Buying Guide - 2020

To ensure effective cleaning of your pool, you must need pool vacuum heads to attach to your vacuum cleaner.

Luckily, there are plenty of innovative items you can choose in the market today. However, determining the right for your pool and vacuum cleaner is not that easy. How could you find the best option? You must get a reliable brand!

To start, you can check and review this list of the best 30 pool vacuum head in 2020.

Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum Head

Aquatix Pro Pool vacuum head fits for all types of pools. Perfectly clean your pool in a simple, fast and convenient way.

The premium and well-built design make it stick to the ground and covers. Improve cleaning and maintenance time. Rather spend more time with fun and enjoyable pool time with your family and friends.

This pool vacuum head is versatile. It works most telescopic poles and pool vacuum hoses and pipes.

Aquatix Pro #1 goal is customers’ satisfaction therefore all pool vacuum head products backed up by a full 1-year warranty. Refundable and replaceable.

  • Premium-quality design and construction
  • Compatible to any poles and hoses
  • Simple, fast and efficient cleaning
  • 1-year guarantee

U.S. Pool Supply Triangular Pool Vacuum Head

The triangular-shaped of this pool vacuum head makes the cleaning corner fast and easy. It comes with EZ clip handle for attaching pools. The swivel head perfectly connects into 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ Hose. Eliminate the cost of pool service technicians as this pool vacuum head will remove debris, clean corners effectively.

The clear body of the product allows the see-through bottom during cleaning. U.S Pool Supply provides a high-quality and affordable pool cleaning and maintenance supplies.

You can buy with confidence in U.S. Pool Supply. For over 40 years, the company produces excellent pool cleaning, maintenance, and accessory products. Every product comes with a 1-full year warranty.

  • Easy pool attaching design (EZ clip handle)
  • Swivel head connects 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ hose
  • Clear plastic body
  • Full One Year Warranty

FibroPool Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

FibroPool swimming pool vacuum head is made up of high-quality materials. The body and wheels are created with thermoplastic urethane. Guaranteed easy maneuverability and durability. No matter what material or contour. The measured area for cleaning is 14.4″x10.5″x2.25″.

It provides more efficient cleaning and maintenance experience. The flexible body reaches very curve and contour in your pool’s surface. No corners will be missed.

FibroPool swimming pool vacuum head assures a consistent seal on all pool surfaces. Superior cleaning power counts. Moreover, the included wheels with metal ball bearings effortlessly roll and protect sensitive pool surfaces from damages.

  • Durable and flexible body
  • Flexible body reach pool surface
  • Urethane wheels
  • Long lasting urethane wheels with metal ball bearings

Milliard Pool Vacuum Head

This ABS plastic made pool vacuum head build to last long and enhance durability. Cleaning surface reaches up to 14inches wide. The included handle adapter can connect with standards pool extension poles. And spring-loaded locking clips can be removes and adjust to line up with your pole.

Milliard pool vacuum head flexible body has the ability to curve into the pool floor. It will keep suction constant on the area while cleaning. The weight of the vacuum keeps them at the bottom of the pool.

And roll over the area without scratching or scraping on delicate surfaces. Distributing weights along the connected parts will help maintain adequate contact with the pool floor.

  • Spring-loaded locking clips
  • Free rolling wheels keep away from scratching and scraping
  • Flexible body
  • Cleaning surface is 14in. wide

Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

Another high-quality pool vacuum head from Milliard. The sea-through triangle design of the vacuum head allows more accurate vacuuming into the bottom of the pool. Complete clean of every pool corner will be achieved.

The included handle comes with spring-loaded locking clips for quick and easy attaching of extension pools. To add on, the vacuum port fits 1½ and 1¼ inch standard vacuum hoses. Product weight keeps the vacuum reaches the bottom part of the pool.

The rubber bumpers part of the vacuum head prevents scratching or scraping of pool liners. Milliard see-through triangle vacuum head has durability, long-lasting and strong-resistance to usual pool chemicals. Moreover, the vacuum head cleaning surface is 11inches wide.

  • Handles has spring-loaded locking clips
  • Vacuum port fits 1½ and 1¼ inch standard vacuum hoses
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Cleaning surface is 11inches wide

Swimline Clear Weighted Triangle Pool Vacuum Head

This clear weighted triangle pool vacuum head is designed for pools like fibreglass and vinyl-lined. The triangular shape makes it ideal for cleaning pool corners thoroughly. Additionally, the angled brushes will help quick and easy pick-up of debris inside the pool.

Swimline clear weighted triangle pool vacuum head fits for standard 1-1/4-inch and 1-1/2-inch vacuum hoses. Plus, the Snap-Adapt handle allows easy assemble.

This clear weighted triangle pool vacumm head is ideal for 90-degrees corners. This unit does not have wheels therefore you can find it easier to pull it toward you and push away.

  • Weighted vacuum head for easy pool cleaning
  • Designed for fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools
  • Included angle brushes
  • Fits 1-1/4-inch and 1-1/2-inch vacuum hoses

Aqua Select Weighted Vacuum Head with Side Brushes

This weighted vacuum head has side brushes ideal for above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. The side brushes make vacuuming your swimming pool so easy. The weight is enough to keep the item stay on the pool floor. It easily picks up leaves, bugs, twigs, and other debris.

The rectangular body allows easy moving and able to see what you are vacuuming. This unique and long bristle design on the sides will help your cleaning faster. It is gentle on pool floors. Will not scratch on your pool liner.

Aqua Select weighted vacuum head will fit any standard 1 1/4-inch and 1 ½-inch pool vacuum hose. It will last you many pool seasons.

  • Vacuum head with brush
  • Nylon bristles on the side and bottom
  • Fits any standard 1 1/4-inch and 1 1/2-inch pool vacuum hose
  • Perfect for above-ground and in-ground pools

Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

This vacuum head from Milliard is great for properly cleaning and maintaining the pool. Keep your pool safe and sanitary all season. Milliard pool cleaning accessories will make cleaning easy. You can get back to swimming as soon as possible.

The unique and special design of the vacuum head can stick to pool liners. The dual relief valves release the suction when the vacuum face becomes clogged or seals.

Milliard pool and spa vacuum head can fit any vacuum hose types. Milliard #1 goal is making customers’ satisfaction. Milliard manufactures vacuum head with safety, quality, and comfort in mind.

  • Constructed from ABS plastic for longevity and durability
  • Compatible with 1.25” and 1.5” vacuum hoses
  • Spring loaded locking clips¸ Air relief valves
  • 5 inches wide for faster and easier cleaning

Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum Head Half Moon

This solidly-built and long-lasting, half-mood type pool vacuum head will keep your pool cleaning effortless. You can keep your pool cleaning simple, fast and convenient.

If you are a pool owner, you know the importance of premium-quality cleaning accessories. In Aquatix Pro, you can find a line of products that will improve cleaning and maintenance time. Affordable and enjoyable pool experienced is assured.

This picture perfect pool vacuum head half-moon shape can clean and reach the bottom surface of the pool. With flexible handles ft. EZ clips, fast and efficient finish takes place. Aquatix Pro pool vacuum head half moon has been tested by hundreds of customers. As of today, 122 positive reviews counted.

  • Easy to use and efficient
  • Suction power is excellent
  • Complete features
  • Simple, fast and convenient cleaning

Poolmaster Swimming Pool Vacuum

This swimming pool vacuum from Poolmaster will keep your pool sparkling clean. It offers superior performance and long-lasting operation. This one is perfect for vinyl line and fiberglass pools.

Stainless steel tension spring handle features keep vacuum submerged and reach the pool floor. Included two-self-adjusting air relief valves help control the amount of suctions. The swivel-function hose adaptor aid in maintaining kink issues eliminate. Kink-free cleaning operation met.

This pool vacuum can work with 1.25-inches and 1.5-inch vacuum hoses. Poolmaster swimming pool vacuum is ideal for cleaning above ground or in-ground vinyl liner pools.

  • Strong 13-inch wide ABS body
  • Adjustable air-relief valves for suction control
  • Easy to submerge
  • For use with vacuum hose and standard pool poles

VIGIND Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Pool

VIGIND sea-thru triangle weighted pool is designed by ABS plastic. It has typical pool chemical-resistant for safe and durable use into vinyl lined pools.

The sea-thru body and swivel handle allow for maneuverable and accurate vacuuming. Complete cleaning is achieved without a doubt. This flexible pool cleaner vacuum head can fit 1½ and 1¼ inch standard vacuum hoses.

It can be widely used in a different swimming pool like an inflatable, spa, landscape, and other pool types. Together with nylon bristles on the bottom, it is gentle on pool floors and specially angled to funnel dirt. T

he triangle design allows fast and effective pick up of debris. The cleaning surface is 11 inches wide.

  • Durable material
  • Triangle design ideal for cleaning every pool corner
  • Sea-thru body allow view while vacuuming
  • Widely applicable

Daveyspa Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

This pool and spa vacuum head from Daveyspa will make your pool cleaning simple and easy. It will help you release debris from heavy pool stuff. Included with an aluminum handle, it fits for most pole sizes.

Professional-grade pool and spa vacuum heads are built to last. Weighted plates and sturdy wheels are ideal for smooth glide and control. It is convenient to store away. Daveyspa pool cleaning supplies are manufactured with advanced technology.

Under the strict QC procedures, you can ensure a high-quality pool and spa vacuum head. Daveyspa has a big team to provide the best service for you to satisfy. Many customers feel the satisfaction they want.

  • Simple, fast and convenient pool cleaning
  • Included handle adapter
  • Super-durable and flexible plastic body curves
  • Keep constant suction

HYDRO MASTER Flexible Vacuum Head for In-ground Pool

This HYDRO Master flexible vacuum head is ideal for an in-ground pool. It is made from high-quality ABS body and urethane wheels. Durable and long-lasting performance. The universal size is 14″ x 6.8″ will meet your request.

HYDRO MASTER flexible vacuum head for in-ground pool fits most telescopic vacuum poles and standard 1-1/4″ vacuum hoses. The heavy-duty vacuum head weights make it stays on the bottom of the pools while vacuuming.

HYDRO MASTER flexible vacuum head helps clean and maintain the corners easily. Also, it will not damage the pool surfaces. There are 2 types of the vacuum head, square vacuum head, and round vacuum head.

  • High-quality ABS body and urethane wheels
  • Universal size is 14″ x 6.8″
  • Durable and long-lasting performance
  • Fits most telescopic vacuum poles

Lalapool Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush

Lalapool swimming pool wall and tile brush will solve various kinds of trouble maintenance. This product features a pool brush made from heavy-duty aluminum back and handle. It is fortified, durable and lightweight.

Lalapool is committed to providing swimming pool accessories. You can constantly pursue quality improvement and technological breakthroughs, after-sales service.

Lalapool swimming pool wall and tile brush is 18 inches wide. With a combination of nylon and wire bristles, you can clean your pool more effectively. It can fit standard pool poles. The curve edges of the pool brush are more excellent cleaning performance.

Lalapool products help cleaning more efficiently. It can reach the toughest pool corner and provide enough strength for throroughly cleaning.

  • Premium-quality pool cleaning brush
  • Maximum strength and durability
  • Made of high quality aluminum and ABS plastic
  • Flexible and strong

U.S. Pool Supply 14" Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head

U.S pool supply 14″ weighted butterfly pool vacuum head allows high-quality and affordable cleaning and maintenance. If you are a pool owner, U.S pool premium products are what you needed.

This can care and maintain your own pools ultimately. You can eliminate the cost of calling a pool service technician. This weighted butterfly pool vacuum head is compatible as they can connect with different vacuum hoses.

U.S pool supply has been the top leading choice in the market. U.S pool main goal is to provide ready to use, pool cleaning product. This one from the U.S pool supply got 4.1 ratings in the market. Without a doubt, this is your one reliable option to count on.

  • Swivel head connection accepts 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ hose
  • EZ clip handle for attaching poles
  • Weighted body keeps contact with pool bottom
  • Ideal for vinyl lined pools
  • Full One Year Warranty

U.S. Pool Supply Flexible Triangular Pool Vacuum Head

This U.S Pool Supply flexible triangular pool vacuum head is made from premium-quality, durable material. With a swivel connection, it is the reason why it can fit 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ vacuum hose.

U.S Pool Supply vacuum head body and durable nylon cleaning bristles enhance the cleaning process. It can quickly clean the walls, corners, and slopes. Additionally, a multi-directional fishtail pole handle allows twist and maneuver through tight corners and crevices.

The EZ clips within the handle will keep safe, quick and easy connect. All flexible triangular pool vacuum head comes with a 1-year warranty.

If you want to return the product, U.S Pool will provide a refund or replacement.

  • Maneuvers easy in the pool for quick complete cleaning
  • Built to last
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

SplashTech 14-inch Weighted Flex Vacuum Head with Side Brushes

This 14-inch weighted flex vacuum head with side brushes makes cleaning quick and easy. It is unique from other products in the market because it is added with two pounds of heft on the head. Therefore, it can hug the pool floor for cleaning thoroughly.

Together with a pair of handy nylon brushes on both sides, the growth of algae will be eliminated, dual work scrubbing while vacuuming. More efficient cleaning will be accomplished. The extra wide 14” head means fewer passes and quicker.

This vacuum head can fit 1.25″ and 1.5″ vacuum tubes and standard 1.25″ telescoping poles. Smooth rolls done with added wheels.

  • 14 inch weighted and flexible vacuum head
  • Quick and more efficient cleaning
  • Easy to control operation
  • Smooth rolls

Hayward Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head

Hayward pool vacuum cleaner head comes with 3 brushes. It stands out than others! Scrubbing on the pool surface is more efficient. This vacuum cleaner head can suit into 1-1/4-Inch and 1-1/2-Inch vacuum poles. With added swivel hose connections, it is the best to use in in-ground and above-ground pools.

Hayward pool vacuum cleaning head is molded of tough and durable thermo-plastic material. This pool vacuum head is engineered to handle all types and sizes of swimming pools.

360-degree swivel hose connectors allow easy maneuver the vacuuming head in the pool. You can view the bottom part of the pool while cleaning.

  • See-thru design for fast and easy cleaning
  • Long-wearing brushes
  • 360-Degree swivel connector
  • Contoured shape

POOLWHALE Sea-Thru Transparent Triangular Blue Vacuum Head

This triangular blue vacuum head from POOLWHALE is made from transparent and solid material. The triangular shape designed to clean all corners of the pool. During cleaning, you can see and reach the bottom surface of the pool.

The soft brush features can effectively clean the dirt inside. Plus, the rubber bumpers prevent scratching and scraping of vinyl pool liners. Weight of vacuum heads able to deep down and sink into the surface when faced with algae and pool grime.

It can swivel and twist through corners, along walls, and into crevices. No single debris can escape. There is also spring-loaded handle that fits standard extension poles to reach extra deep.

  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Durable, long-lasting, and resistant to pool chemicals
  • Cleaning surface is 11inch wide
  • Included Handle has spring-loaded locking clips

ATIE Pool Vacuum Head

ATIE pool vacuum head is ideal for use in plaster or concrete pools. It has the flexibility to suit different types of swimming pools. This professional-grade pool vacuum head from ATIE will enhance the cleaning and maintenance of your product.

Whether you are a pool owner or pool professionals, this one of ATIE is your top option. This can connect to 1.5″ vacuum hose, with vacuum size: 14″ L x 7.5″ W. Also, a weighted vacuum head maintains contacts with the pool floor for better and effective vacuuming.

The chrome-plated metal handle allows easy maneuverability. To add on, the long-lasting urethane wheels with ball bearings allow smooth rolling.

  • Ideal for use in plaster or concrete pools
  • The professional-grade pool vacuum head
  • Connect to 1.5″ vacuum hose
  • Weighted vacuum head maintains contacts with the pool floor

Kokido Flexible Vacuum Head for Swimming Pools

Kokido flexible vacuum head for swimming pool has an extra wide flexible body. It comes with a ball bearing wheels for smooth and easy gliding. To add on, the extra-strong spring-loaded metal handle is included to attach to the standard pole.

This Kokido flexible vacuum head is a better replacement for your old one. It can perfectly fit a 1 1/2 vacuum hose. Whether used in concrete, gunite or fiberglass pools, Kokido flexible vacuum head is your cleaning accessories solution.

This deluxe pool vacuum head can suit for 19” flexible for ground pools. The extra-wide flexible body allows covering larger areas more quickly.

  • Deluxe pool vacuum head
  • 19″ flexible for ground pools
  • Extra wide flexible body to cover larger areas more quickly
  • Spring-loaded handle
  • Fits 11/2 inch vacuum hoses

Swimline Weighted Flex Vacuum Head

This weighted flex vacuum head from Swimline comes with extra-wide 13.25-inch. This weighted vacuum-head attachment for concrete pool cleaning systems fits standard 1-1/4-inch and 1-1/2-inch vacuum hoses. Snap-adapt handle also included for easy assembly. This is great for the swimming pool and spa.

Swimline weighted head helps it stays submerged. Also, there are 8 wheels with stainless steel screws for better and efficient vacuuming. As this is weighted, it will push it down to keep it on the pool surface. For vinyl above ground pool application, it is highly recommended. The rollers are smooth and glide nicely on my pool floor.

  • Weighted vacuum-head attachment for concrete pool cleaning systems
  • Fits standard 1-1/4-inch and 1-1/2-inch vacuum hoses
  • Great for Swimming Pool/Spa
  • Snap-Adapt handle for easy assembly

Swess Triangle Weighted Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

Swess triangle weighted pool and spa vacuum head can reach along the walls and corners of a pool for more complete clean. This is great and safe use on vinyl lined pools. The vacuum head rubber bumpers at each side effectively prevent scratching and scrapping of pool liners.

Moreover, the handles have spring-loaded locking clips for attachment of standard extension poles. The vacuum port fits 1½ and 1¼ inch standard vacuum hoses. Any type of swimming pool, spas, this is an ideal choice.

Durably made from ABS plastic, it provides chemical resistance and long-lasting performance to the application.

  • Angled brushes for quick pick-up of debris.
  • Molded from ABS plastic. Durable, chemical-resistant, and long lasting.
  • Weighted vacuum head for pool cleaning.
  • Triangular shape is ideal for cleaning pool corners thoroughly.

Pentair R201388 203 Superflex Flexible Pool Vacuum

Pentair R201388 203 superflex flexible pool vacuum measures 14-inch. When you need to replace a vacuum head, this is an exact replacement you needed. It comes with replaceable molded wheels and fasteners.

The cover weights and snap-adapt handles with stainless steel wall-hugging spring device and clamp shell display rack. Pool vacuum good weight able to sit on the bottom of the pool nicely. You will definitely find the good value of your product.

To use this, you connect a long hose to a skimmer return port. Then, rolled along the bottom of the pool to suck up dirt right.

  • 14-inch pool vacuum
  • Perfect replaceable
  • Replaceable molded wheels and fasteners

Puri Tech Deluxe Butterfly Shaped Vacuum Weighted Head

This deluxe butterfly-shaped vacuum weighted head is made of high-quality ABS plastic able to lasts season after season. Puri Tech deluxe butterfly-shaped weighted is so sure to stay on the pool floor making cleaning easier.

Same with others, it can fit standard 1.25″ and 1.50″ vacuum hoses. The snap-on adapter handles fit most standards pools and spa poles. And brushes on the bottom can clean debris and dirt off the bottom of your pool.

Puri Tech butterfly-shaped vacuum weighted head unique design allows for better cleaning in all curves of your pool floor.

  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • Vacuum head weighted sure to stay on the pool floor
  • Fits standard 1.25″ and 1.50″ vacuum hoses.
  • Brushes on bottom clean debris and dirt off the bottom of your pool

Kokido Weighted Vacuum Head with Side Brushes for Swimming Pools

Kokido weighed vacuum head with side brushes for swimming pools features functional parts. It includes the unique brush patterns pattern that channels the debris. It is directly suction for easy removal.

This Kokido weighted vacuum head with side brushes helps vacuum reach the pool floor for superior cleaning power. Also, it can fit perfectly with the standard telescopic pole. No further assembly required. You can use it directly. A lot of customers in the market can prove it. It works great.

  • Side Brushes Channel Debris Directly To Suction
  • Fits Standard Telescopic Pole
  • Heavy Cast Iron Weights
  • No Assembly Required

Pooline Vacuum Head for Swimming Pools with Side Brushes

This vacuum head with side brushes is designed particularly for vinyl lined swimming pools. Pooline vacuum head unique brush patterns eliminate debris and directly passed to the suction for easy removal. Other part – side bumpers has brushes that help clean and protect pool liner. Able to reach hard to reach pool area.

Pooline vacuum head weights keep the vacuum head submerged. Moreover, the snap-adapt handle will fit standard 1 1/4″ telescopic poles. The Pooline vacuum head fits standard 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ vacuum hose. Overall dimensions of vacuum head are 3.75″H x 14″W x 8″D.

  • Weighted vacuum with protective vinyl bumper and side brushes
  • Fits both 1″ and 1.25″ vacuum hoses
  • Snap-Adapt handle fits standard 1 1/4″ telescopic pole
  • Side brushes to get a hard-to-reach place

HYDRO MASTER 11 inches Blue Triangular Vacuum Head

HYDRO MASTER 11 in. blue triangular vacuum head exact size is 14″ / 35cm. With high-quality ABS plastic material, vacuum head can last longer. Structure durability is optimal. This can perfectly suit to 1-1/4″ vacuum hose, standard telescopic vacuum poles. The triangular design brushes the vinyl pool liners surface greatly. It will make your pool cleaner. The bottom brushes help to funnel leaves and debris. This durable vacuum head with 3 weights to help it stays on the bottom of pools. If you want high-quality replacement for your old one, this one from HYDRO MASTER is a must-choice.

  • Fits most telescopic vacuum poles and standard 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ vacuum hoses
  • Durable vacuum head weights to help it stays on the bottom of pools
  • The bottom brushes help to funnel leaves and debris
  • Special flexible triangular vacuum head will make your pools more clean

Puri Tech Weighted Vacuum Head with Dual Air Relief Valves

Puri Tech weighted vacuum head with dual air relief valves is designed specifically for vinyl lined pools. The dual air relief valves prevent pressure from pulling up the vinyl liner.

This vacuum head weight helps keep the unit on the pool floor for better cleaning service. As these are made from durable ABS plastic, it can last seasons after seasons. Dual adjustable air relief valves are able for maximum suction control. This fits most standard pools.

Puri Tech weighted vacuum head with dual air relief valves make it safe for all pool surfaces and cuts down on the amount of time needed for cleaning.

  • Unique shape makes convenient for cleaning
  • Dual valves are adjustable to keep vacuum pressure from building underneath
  • Fits most standard pool & spa telescopic poles
  • Made of durable ABS plastic

Hydro Tools Weighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head

Hydro Tools swimming pool weighted vacuum head has a half-moon style to work efficiently in all swimming pools. This vacuum head can be attached to any size of standard telescoping. Plus, it can work in 1/2″ or 1-1/4″ vacuum hoses.

All Hydro Tools swimming pool weighted vacuum head is designed to ensure durability and easy to assemble. Hydro Tools provide the best swimming pool replacement parts with quality in mind. Hydrotools aims to meet all of your expectations when it comes to their products.

All products are back with a 1-year manufacturer warranty to help guarantee your satisfaction as a customer. Hydro Tools will let you buy high-quality pool supplies.

  • Half-moon vacuum is head weighted 1-1/2 pounds to stay down
  • Accepts 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 inch vacuum hose
  • Quick snap pole adapter fits 99% of vacuum poles
  • Replaceable brushes available
  • Designed for all pools; model 8110
  • Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost Right
    "Get updated swimming pool maintenance tips and reduce your cost"