30 Best Pool Slides for Backyard Water Fun in 2020

A pool slide takes your pool enjoyment to the next level. Children and adults fulfill the same fun and entertainment. There are several types of pool slides available. You can choose the best challenging and amazing pool slides for you.

Check out the perfect slide through evaluating the durability, features, high level of safety and each design.

In this buying guide, we will show you the best 30 pool slides in the market today so you’ll exactly know what you need.

Intex Water Slide

The Intex water slide is designed to be easily set up in the garden. However, if not in use, this can be deflated and stored compactly turns into a smaller size. This water slide can be attached with a garden hose for sprayers to wet the slide surface. It features fun wave graphics, 6 heavy-duty handles, and sturdy 20 Gauge vinyl construction. InTex water slide will extend your children’s summer moments by simply staying at home. This slide does not require a lot of space and money therefore you can save both at once. Available colors are Red and Blue. Approx. slide dimensions: 10’11” L x 6’9″ W x 3’10” H.

  • Easy to set up
  • Compact size
  • Thick material; well constructed

WOW Watersports Slide N Smile Waterslide

WOW Watersports Slide N Smile waterslide dimension is over 9 ft long, 6 feet wide and 4 ft tall. The waterslide can be attached to your swimming pool. It gives all kinds of options and uses to build waterslide in your own pool. Keep your kids happy and enjoy the pool with slides. With heavy-duty PVC construction, waterslide works finely – very strong and durable. This waterslide makes a great dock or poolside. Its bright graphics create high visibility on the water. It can connect as many walkways and mats together as you want.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to move around
  • Bright graphics for high visibility

Swimline Super Slide Inflatable Pool

Swimline Super slide inflatable pool is made from strong heavy gauge vinyl material, ensures reliable construction, easy to set up. This slide extends hours of fun of your kids in the pool. Also, the slide has a weighted water base for stability. It has a garden hose spout that keeps the slide slippery. This awesome slide measures 99-inch x 68-inch x 40-inch. Weight capacity is 150 pounds -perfectly suited for children of different ages. The slide can hold up, stays inflated for a long time. Make your children and their friends giggle with a great slide. Note: big slide need slide-feet-first-only for safety.

  • Easy to inflate
  • Strong and durable
  • Weighted water base for stability

Costzon Inflatable Slide

Costzon inflatable slide is made of extraordinary heavy-duty puncture proof 420D Oxford materials. It has ultimate durability to strengthen functionality. Plus, with a climbing wall, curved slide and large wading pool area, amazing water slide is ensured. This water slide is suitable for 3-4 kid plays together. Your children and their friends will share precious time and happiness. Your kiddos will practice climbing because it has challenging heavy-duty grips. However, let your children jump freely and safely allowing maximum ventilation. There are carrying bag included for convenient taking on-the-go. Offered product varies prices on add-ons options – air blower.

  • Heavy-duty puncture proof 420D Oxford materials
  • Quick inflate and deflate
  • Amazing design

Sunny & Fun Deluxe Inflatable Water Park

Sunny & Fun Deluxe Inflatable Water Park offer a great way to keep your children entertained and have fun. This water park comes with exciting climbing walls that lead up to two slippery slides for whooshing into the refreshing splashdown pool. Turn your backyard into an amazing amusement park with Deluxe inflatable water from Sunny & Fun. This durable and great water park comes with a powerful electric air pump- inflate and deflate fast and easy. Sunny & Fun Deluxe inflatable water park is your answer for a season filled with wild and swimming experienced.

  • Premium-quality, heavy-duty material
  • Quick and effortless setup
  • Full features; ideal for at-home entertainment and recreation

BANZAI Inflatable Water Slide

BANZAI inflatable water slide with tunnel ramp slide is ideal for backyard installation. Scale-up and get ready for extreme wall climbing and backyard fun with heavy-duty construction material. Ensure long-lasting playtime with ultra-strength and durable water park. This amazing water park comes with a continuous airflow blower, easily inflates in less than 3 minutes. With water spraying hose design, it ensures fast and comfortable slide uses. Satisfy your kids with cool, refreshing at-home summer escapade. Its’ desiring features including super-tall curved slide, hidden crawl tunnel, clubhouse, sprinklers, and 2 water cannons make it admirable for your kids and their playmates.

  • Sturdy, lasting construction
  • Large capacity design; suits 8 people at once
  • Set up easily and deflate fast

BESTPARTY Inflatable Kids Water Slide

BESTPARTY inflatable kids water slide suitable for kids ages 3-years and above. It is made well of sturdy and premium-quality material. These can handle a bunch of children at once. It has a large capacity that can surely satisfy kids and their playmates at the party. This inflatable water slide is included with fully functional features that your kids look forward to. BESTPARTY inflatable kid water slide dimensions is 16.5’Lx10.5’Wx9.5’H, it can carry up to 4 children. There is also sprayer at the top of the slides for smooth ride and slide. The inflatable can be quickly inflated for 3-minutes using an air blower.

  • Heavy-duty puncture proof materials
  • Inflatable size: 16.5’Lx10.5’Wx9.5’H
  • Included air blower

BANZAI Big Blast Water Park

BANZAI big blast water park measurements are 175 inches L x 114 inches W x 95 inches H. It better inflates than others, in less than 2 minutes. Together with airflow blower, maximum safety and performance are ensured. This challenging and amazing big blast water park is also included with inflatable basketball and hoop that will enhance the creativity of your children. Moreover, it also comes with a detachable water spraying hose for continuous water blasting. The heavy-duty construction of water parks will give a blast!

  • Huge structure
  • Quite easy to set up; Inflates in less than 2 minutes
  • Assembled size: 175 inches L x 114 inches W x 95 inches H

BOUNTECH Water Pool with Slides

BOUNTECH water pool with slides is designed using heavy-duty 840D Oxford + 420D Oxford material. Because it is made of wear-resistant oxford materials, their durability will last long.  This inflatable water pool with slides is perfect for children spending leisure time. Aside from slides, it features an awesome play area such as splash pool, climbing wall, built-in basketball rim, and water cannon. Children not only focus on entertainment but enjoy multiple pleasures. Also, there are mesh walls that connect around the areas to ensure the safety of children while playing, satisfying the ventilation requirement as well.

  • Durable Materials and Safe Design
  • Quick Inflation & Deflation
  • Sweet accessories included

Sportspower Inflatable Water Slide

Sportspower inflatable water slides can give your children to enjoy the time of their lives. This water slide comes with a slide, water cannon, and splash pool. There is also air blower included that can inflate slide in just 2 minutes. It has a gcfi which secure the slide in case of a splash. Because this is built of durable, heavy-duty PVC material, strength and robustness of construction are optimal. This inflatable water slide is tested from ASTM safety standards therefore you can guarantee reliable products to create quality and affordable outdoor play products.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy set up water slides
  • Ideal for medium-large backyards

Blast Zone Inflatable Water Park

Blast Zone inflatable water park is made of the commercial vinyl material that takes the water park to the new splashing level. It can be inflated within 2 minutes. It is included with 3 commercial vinyl slides, 3 commercial vinyl splash pools, 2 commercial vinyl spray tunnels, water sprayers, and a commercial vinyl climbing wall. Depending on size or model, the style varies. Available colors are green and blue, you can choose the ideal water park based on your taste. The inflatable water park comes with 1-year warranty service. With that, you can guarantee safety and reliability.

  • Dimensions: -99” H x 252” W x 252” D, 108 lbs.
  • Multiple features and options
  • Commercial grade impact surfaces

WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Water Slide Park

WELLFUNTIME inflatable water slide park is made of environmentally-friendly thickened anti-puncture synthetic fiber material. The water slide is brightly colored, non-toxic and odorless it is safe from children. The water slides are consists of water spray providing continuous water flow adding activity interest and accommodating multiple children. Also, it is equipped with air pump so that ventilation is fast and convenient. It can be assembled easily and fold and store after use. Find more and enjoyable way to spend parties and weekends with WELLFUNTIME inflatable water slide parks. This water slide complies with ASTMF963 and CPSC standards with a one-year warranty service.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Durable design

Bounceland Inflatable Double Water Slide with Splash Pool

Bounceland inflatable double water slide with splash pool size is 20’L x 7’W x 8.5’H. It features multiple entertainment areas your children could enjoy namely climbing wall, 7.9″-9″ splash pool, and dual slides with an extra sliding surface. Because it is made from heavy-duty puncture proof materials with double to quadruple stitches, it has a strong and powerful structure to lasts longer. It can be easy to set up and takedown at the same time. In less than a minute, it can be inflated and deflated. It is equipped with a 90-day limited warranty, making sure you’ll completely satisfied with the products offered.

  • Easy setup and takedown; inflates in less than a minute.
  • Heavy-duty puncture proof materials
  • Variety of designs and themes

Kahuna Water Slide

Kahuna water slide provides endless hours of fun for kiddos. This water slide comes in plenty of rooms for entertainment such as the 2 slides, climbing wall, splash pool, sprinklers, water canyon, and basketball hoop. Mainly, the water slide is made of heavy-duty PVC construction ensuring strength and durability. It can be easily assembled in less than 2 minutes with the help of blower motor. This can be easily attached to any type of garden hose for quick and convenient accessibility. The Kahuna water slide durable construction will surely extend your summer and spend it in your backyard.

  • Premium materials to ensure stability
  • Inflates the slides in just 2 minutes
  • Plenty of entertainment room

Doctor Dolphin Inflatable Bounce Slide

Doctor Dolphin inflatable bounce slide is ideal for young kids who are active in jumping and climbing. This inflatable water slide offers a lot of fun to help children’s growth and health. It also comes with a water spray function, water tube and pipe connector included. Plus, a safe and high-quality inflatable bouncer slide. This heavy-duty water slide comes with handy ground stakes for quick and secure setup outdoors. Because materials used are robust, children’s safety is assured. This water slide comes with a bag carrier for fast and on-the-go storage solutions.

  • Water spray function
  • Easy installation and quick setup
  • Heavy-duty puncture proof materials

Cloud 9 Water Slide

Cloud 9 water slide is constructed by lab-tested, heavy-duty and fire-resistant material s. Designed to ensure safety and compliance. This water slide is assured to provide lasting happiness and entertainment. Perfect for endless playtime, reunions, celebrations, parties and any gatherings. It features climbing walls and a capacity of up to 4 children. Inflates in just 2 minutes for easy and quick set up. Renting and using once is quite pricy, cloud 9 affordable water slide offers multiple entertainment opportunities. Water slide 580 Watt blower is installed to keep your slide springy. Constructed with double and quadruple stitching to enhanced its strength.

  • Premium-grade
  • Easy to set up
  • Standard size

RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide

RAVE sports pontoon slide is designed for all ages. It can be inflated in just 5 minutes and provides endless fun and entertainment. After all the fun you can just simply deflate and roll it up for easy storage in any place. These sweet slides will never cost you a ton. It can hold heavy weight people like 300lbs perfectly. Constructed with high-quality commercial-grade materials for longer family fun. Each corner has extra material, potential wear places for safety and protection. It is leak-proof can be stored in small places. Rave sports pontoon slide is usable in all seasons even in winter.

  • Outstanding quality and performance
  • Inflates/deflates quickly
  • Pressure pump is included

Intex Inflatable Water Slide with Sprayer

InTex inflatable water slide with sprayer is perfect for kids. It is a very safe-extra inflatable water slide. However, you must pay attention to the weight limit of around 175 pounds. Find the great value of your money with InTex inflatable water slide with sprayer. Works well for a backyard pool. This big and durable water slide is built to last longer. The water slide with sprayer durability is for extreme performance. Fun, interesting, and perfect inflatable water slide manufactured by Intex is your ultimate solution.

  • Perfect for kids
  • Safe inflatable water slide
  • Weight limit around 175 pounds

Intex Jungle Adventure Inflatable Play Center

Intex Jungle Adventure Inflatable Play Center is perfect for 1-3 years old kids. Features flamingo, water slide, croc, monkey, 5 balls that fit in the wall and ring toss. It contains a large pool and a small pool with a landing mat at the bottom for extra padding. Max’s weight is up to 178lbs and it has a drain plug in the pool floor. Intex jungle adventure inflatable play center is the perfect way to transform your backyard into your kids’ mini-park. It features designs and styles that will surely delight everyone. Water spray is attached to a garden hose to keep your children cool in the summer heat.

  • Double pool
  • Landing mat at the bottom
  • Max weight: 178lbs

iGeeKid Water Slides

iGeeKid water slides are suitable for family summer activities, lawn garden toys, parties, and birthday gifts. These water slides will make your backyard into a private water park. Great low-cost entertainment and fun in your backyard. Water slide length is 432cm / 170″, width 66cm / 25.98. 14 ft. the water slide has a zig-zag spray pattern sprinkler system for awesome water coverage for long great sliding. It features easy to set up and unique 4-in-1 design. Constructed by durable and thick sturdy PVC sheet, phthalate-free for long-lasting use. Perfect for having fun in summer moments and cooling off.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Summer entertainment
  • 3 in 1 water slide

Swing-N-Slide Pool Slide

Swing-N-Slide pool slide is constructed of durable thermoformed plastic. It has strength and durability you can admire of. This slide also features a comfortable scoop design with wide handrails that is fast and easy to assemble. It can be easily attached to any 4-foot deck height and can support up to 250 pounds. This type of pool slide is ideal for backyard residential use; not intended for commercial use. This can be easily mounted to a 4′ Platform. The swing-n-slide pool slide is made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee against cracks and breaks. Swing-N-Slide provides the customer the value and opportunity to tailor poolside to fit their family’s needs and budget.

  • Safest and most reliable pool slide
  • Ideal for backyard residential use
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs.

PicassoTiles Water Slide

PicassoTiles water slide is included with water cannon mount and shower head sprays. It provides a variety of entertainment and bonding times for the whole family. Start developing your children’s skills and learning with PicassoTiles water slides. These water slides are made of high-quality, non-toxic material with the highest standard ensuring children’s safety. Strong and sturdy structures bring you and your family, fun, and excitement for years to come. This water slide needs less than 1 minute to inflate. No hassle. Keep and stay your kids stay play and happy for an endless hour. For maximum portability, it comes with a storage carry bag.

  • High-quality, non-toxic and ETL certified
  • Water cannon & shower spray head mounts
  • Easy installation

Swim Central Slide Swimming Pool

Swim Central slide swimming pool include a multi-colored tunnel slide and angled platform base for hours of fun in the pool. It features a water weighted base for stability. This is perfect for ages 4 and above however parental supervision is required. This inflatable slide pool play system plays for leisure and entertainment in a pool. Water slide colors are green, red, yellow, orange and blue. It can support up to a maximum weight of 150 lbs. This includes PVC patch repair kit Material heavy-duty vinyl for durability and robustness.

  • Water weighted base
  • Tunnel slide and an angled platform base included
  • Maximum weight: 150 lbs

S.R. Smith Typhoon Right Curve Pool Slide

S.R. Smith typhoon right curve pool slide has an elegant rotomolded design for strength and durability. The pool slide measures 7 feet, 4 inches tall with flume length of 12 feet, 8 inches. It meets (CPSC) standard for swimming pool slides. Reliability and safety are ensured. It can accommodate adults and children up to 275 pounds. Installation is required and backed up by a 3-year warranty. Because S.R. Smith top priority is safety, the slide provides thrilling rides that everyone will love. S.R. Smith’s Typhoon slide is available in sandstone and gray granite designer colors. It able matched the latest in backyard decor and left or right curve to accommodate multiple deck spaces.

  • Elegant, safe design
  • Accommodates adults and children
  • Fully complies (CPSC) standard

Inter-Fab Wild Pool Slide

Inter-Fab wild pool slide is measure 11-Foot long deep flume runway, and available in the left or right curve. It has a 6-Feet 5-inch high (77-1/2-inches) at runway entry. The fully enclosed stairs and grip-around handrails spaced for safe climbing. These slides feature deep, U-shaped flumes, grip-around handrails, and non-slip safety treads to prevent “slip throughs” when climbing up the ladder. It is able to support a 250-pound weight limit. This wild pool slide is designed to the highest safety and performance criteria in the industry ensuring reliability and robustness. Inter-Fab wild pool slide brings endless hours of family fun and thrilling entertainment to your own backyard pool.

  • 3-year warranty
  • water delivery system
  • 250-pound weight limit

Inter-Fab Water Pool Slide

Inter-Fab Water Pool Slide is designed to meet the highest safety and performance criteria in the industry. It is fast, fun and safe all at once. This pool slide comes with full instructions and views a complete assembly process. Water delivery system can be connected to the pool’s own return system or a garden hose. There are four color choices including white, blue, tan & gray. This means you can choose color/finishes with according to your deck and pool. This is available in a left or right curve style. Because it is made of impact-resistant, long-lasting acrylic & stainless steel, you can ensure years of trouble-free enjoyment.

  • Impact-resistant, long-lasting design
  • At-home installation
  • 3 year warranty

S.R.Smith Pool Slide

S.R.Smith Pool Slide is fully compliant to CPSC standards for swimming pool slides. It is designed for strength and durability. As pool slide measures 7 feet, 4 inches tall with flume length of 12 feet, 8 inches, it can be installed backyard pools and accommodate adults and children up to 250 pounds. Backed with a 3-year warranty, you can ensure guaranteed safety when used. The pool slide construction ensures maximum safety, quick and easy assembly. This pool slide features an enclosed ladder & molded handrails, a 360 Degree turn & an integrated decorative fountain.

  • Features an enclosed ladder & molded handrails
  • Backed with a 3-year warranty
  • Fully compliant to CPSC standards

Summer Waves Inflatable Kiddie Swimming Pool Play Center w/ Slide

Summer waves inflatable kiddie swimming pool play center w/ slide is perfect for your kids this summer. In summer days, let your kids rumble the jungle creature toys in a swimming pool in your own backyard. It contains giraffe sprays water to keep your children cool and crocodile doubles as a super fun slide. Inflatable kiddie swimming pool play center w/ slide offers tons of entertainment under the sun. Fun rings game is installed to add some more good times. Little kids will enjoy to climb on and to slide without drowning. Perfect for kids up to 3 years of age.

  • Tons of entertainment
  • Inflatable jungle creatures
  • Double super slide

RETRO JUMP Inflatable Slide Bouncer

RETRO JUMP inflatable slide bouncer is constructed by extraordinary high-quality puncture-proof materials to enhance its’ quality and strengthen its’ durability. It has 3-4 kid capacity, climbing walls, large pool area, curved slide, splash pool, and escape hole. It contains a safe and cushioned landing pad at the bottom. Heavy-duty grips are included to provide full strength on kids for their process of climbing. The RETRO JUMP inflatable slide bouncer keep your swimming experienced extra worthwhile.

  • Protective netting
  • Quick inflation and deflation
  • Fun backyard water

Aviva Sports Slider Island

Aviva Sports Slider Island will let you enjoy backyard pool fun. This amazing and unique slide is built for longterm uses. You and your children satisfy sliding fun on the water and not just on the edge of the pool. Bring ultra-fun in the middle of the pool with your friends. Extend the summer season in your backyard. Slider big capacity of over 7 feet long and 3.5 feet wide. It also comes with 6 comfy handles for easy access. Perfect for ages 6-12, and ideal for 5ft water depth.

  • Inflates in minutes
  • Deflates compactly
  • Size: 86″ x 40″ x 31″
  • Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost Right
    "Get updated swimming pool maintenance tips and reduce your cost"

Pool Slide – The Complete Buying Guide