The Best 30 Pool Skimmer Basket Replacement in 2020

The pool skimmer basket is an important accessory to work your skimmer. However, if the old one needs to be replaced, you must go with the same or better quality basket for replacement.

If you want to buy the best pool skimmer basket that suits your skimmer, we can help you.

We have reviewed 30 best units in the market today. Finding the best pool skimmer basket is no longer difficult. Check and learn each pool skimmer basket -see details.


U.S. Pool Supply Swimming Pool Plastic Skimmer Basket

Looking for durable, heavy-duty cleaning and maintenance supplies for your pool? Take a look at the U.S Pool Supply swimming pool plastic skimmer basket. This basket can fit into different types of pools. Because it is made of chlorine-resistant plastic mesh construction, it has the durability to last. It is ideal for daily uses making cleaning will be fast, easy and efficient. It captures debris, leaves, and bugs from pools. Filtering system requires less servicing because of this high-performance basket. Buy with confidence as every product comes with a 1-year warranty service –replaceable and refundable. U.S. Pool Supply is your online source for professional high quality and affordable pool cleaning and maintenance supplies.

  • Fast, easy, efficient cleaning
  • High quality and affordable pool cleaning and maintenance supplies
  • 1year satisfaction guaranteed

Hayward Automatic Basket Skimmers

Hayward automatic basket skimmers work great to keep your pool cleaning and maintenance worry-free and hassle-free. These products are manufactured under technologically advanced equipment. With that, we’ve been dedicated to producing a complete line of smart, high-quality components for great pool experience. An efficient, dependable and excellent automatic basket skimmers for fast and quick cleaning. This basket assembly is designed to use with Hayward Automatic Skimmers models SP1082, SP1083, SP1084, 1085, 1086, SP1075, 1075T, 1076, 1077.

  • Weight 5.9-pound
  • Worry-free and trouble-free pool cleaning
  • Made from technologically advanced equipment

Pentair Skimmer Basket with Handle

Pentair skimmer basket with handle can fit to any pool –salt of chlorine water. These baskets are cost-effective yet we don’t compromise its quality. Also, it can be delivered in fast lead time. Quick and fast shipping time will complete your buying satisfaction. This skimmer basket perfectly fit in the indoor pool. It holds better and stays in place than others. Maintain your pool equipment and get ready for next swimming season. Purchase high-quality skimmer basket for your pool and eliminate trouble in cleaning.

  • Professional-made skimmer basket with handle
  • Item comes in affordable price
  • Perfect replaceable basket

SkimPro Tower-Vented Skimmer Basket

SkimPro tower-vented skimmer basket fits on top leading skimmer brand. Basket dimension is 6.125″ height, 8.44 width, 12.94 total height. Basket great design and sturdy structure have the ability to works longer. It offers a way to lift the basket without even pulling stress on the tower. Collecting debris, leaves on pools will be much faster and easier with this basket. Its long neck design enables continuous flow of water even if the basket is full. Together with a long handle, digging is no more. SkimPro premium-quality tower-vented skimmer basket is available at great prices.

  • Great design and optimum sturdiness
  • Fits most popular skimmers
  • Great price skimmer basket

GVT Skimmer Basket

GVT skimmer basket is designed to provide continuous water flow even when leaves and other debris fill in the basket. The skimmer can protect your pump motor from running dry. Instead, it allows you to remove an overfilled basket without having to reach into the water or debris to find the handle. Hassle of shutting the pump off and digging through the build-up will be eliminated. This skimmer basket can fit to popular skimmers. The basket measures is 8 7/16″ W x 6 1/8″ H while the handle measure is 12 15/16″ H.

  • Fits premier skimmer products
  • Protects your pump motor from running dry
  • 8 7/16 inches W X 6 1/8 inches H basket measures

CMP Skimmer Basket

CMP skimmer basket comes with a handle, making it easier to clean out leaves and debris on the pool. This basket is heavier and ability to lasts longer –at least 3-4 years. Any weather conditions this basket offer the easiest way to dump debris and leaves. Together with reliable handle, you can prevent your hand in shoving cold pool water. With CMP skimmer basket, you can save money and time of buying because you don’t need to replace basket for long years to come. Basket weight and thickness are worthy of your money.

  • High-quality, durable skimmer basket
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Easy to use and convenient

Coopache Pool Skimmer Socks

Coopache pool skimmer socks make your cleaning easier and less messy. You just simply slip the sock over the basket. No need of extra tool. It can capture the small particles of debris that misses your pool skimmer. Protect your expensive filtration system and keep your pool sparking clean and tidy. This high-quality, low-cost pool skimmer socks enhance the cleaning system of your pool. Reduce your pool cost and find a better way to extend the pool cleanliness even winter and spring season.

  • Easy to use; easy to clean
  • Extremely durable mesh pool skimmer socks
  • Cost-effective pool skimmer socks

Milliard Replacement Skimmer Basket

Milliard replacement skimmer basket has the ability to properly clean and maintain the pool. Keep everything safe and sanitary on all season. That dirt and debris skipped with filtering can be eliminated with it. Our replacement skimmer basket can fit in most standard and wide-mouth skimmers. This basket is manufactured under rigorous testing and safety standards. All Milliard replacement skimmer baskets are guaranteed of its quality, safety, and comfort. Milliard is dedicated to producing exceptional product meeting customers’ satisfaction.

  • Made of durable plastic resin material
  • Built-in basket handle for easy removal
  • Ideal for above ground pools

AquaBeacon Premium Pool Skimmer Socks

AquaBeacon pool skimmer basket socks offer the easiest and efficient way to rid your pool from small particle debris. Its ultra-fine features catch all types of debris – leaves, bugs, hair, grass and more. Cleaning will be perfectly done, no messiness, no clogs, no time-wasted for sparkling your pool. AquaBeacon pool skimmer socks will keep your pool clean and filter works effectively. Save your money with economically priced pool skimmer socks. Expand lifespan of the filtration system from being clogged.

  • Protect your filtration system
  • Great value skimmer socks, zero compromises on quality
  • Fit with in-ground and above-ground pools

Podoy Skimmer Basket

Podoy skimmer basket is made from durable plastic resin material for long life and resistance against brittleness.  With its very thick and sturdy construction, you can ensure perfect replaceable basket the same as the original. This basket can suit almost all skimmer brands. However, you can measure your existing baskets before purchasing a new one. The basket standard size is Top – 6-1/8″ Bottom – 4-1/8″ Height – 3″ and the available color is white. This packaging includes 2 pcs of the replacement skimmer basket.

  • Strongly-built basket for strong resistance and longevity
  • Fits almost all brand skimmers
  • High-quality skimmer basket

Impresa Products Pool Skimmer Socks

Impresa Products pool skimmer socks have the ability to trap all the debris. This durable pool skimmer sock attracts and catches leaves, hair, grass, oil, and other debris. Collecting small particle debris will prevent the clogging of the pool’s filtration system. Not just applicable for in-ground and above-ground pools but also works best with spas, hot tubs and others. Impresa Products have been tested, trusted and backed by warranty and excellent customer service. The pool skimmer socks will extend the life of your pool filtration system. Makes cleaning easier and fast with cost-effective Impresa products.

  • Strong protection of your filter system
  • Quality yet affordable
  • Fits all pool baskets

International Leisure Skimmer Basket

International Leisure skimmer basket comes with a strong and sturdy structure. It will extend the service life of your pool filtration system. The basket will last and stay strong through the elements –wear and tear. This high-quality skimmer basket is long-lasting therefore you can ensure better and competitive replacement. Save your time and costs with a workable skimmer basket from International Leisure.

  • Olympic skimmer basket type
  • Sturdy and reliable design
  • Lasts for a very long time
  • Fits popular basket brand

ATIE Pool Thru-Wall Skimmer Basket

ATIE pool thru-wall skimmer basket construction is excellent. It is very strong and durable. Due to high-quality material, it makes it better than basket supplied other skimmer packages. This basket can fit the popular brand perfectly. In the above ground pool, in-ground pool, hot spa, any other pool type, this skimmer basket will help your pool filtration system. It captures debris –leaves, oil, hair, grass and more that prevent clogging the plumbing. This robust construction basket comes with a great price.

  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Well-made of quality linear plastic.
  • Fits perfectly to different units

Aqualine Skimmer Basket

Aqualine skimmer basket has strong suction making it ideal for American products 850001-S-10 and Aladdin B-37 skimmers. Because it is made from long-lasting durable plastics, you can ensure a high-quality basket that increase the efficiency of the skimmer. Pool cleaning and maintenance will be much easier and faster. Aqualine skimmer basket dimensions = height 7 ¾”, bottom 7 ½”, top lid overall 8 ½”. Since you know the exact dimension, you can check if the basket fits your skimmer. This is a perfect replaceable unit for damage/ old baskets.

  • Great replacement for Aqualine Skimmer Basket
  • Works efficiently
  • Competitive product with great price
  • 30-days guaranteed service

DOLOPL Pool Skimmer Socks

DOLOPL pool skimmer socks can trap and capture leaves, grass, hair, bugs, and other small object debris on the pool. This durable and fine quality product can protect your pool’s filtration system from clogging instead extend system manageability. DOLOPL skimmer basket socks can protect and clean baskets easier and cost-effective. Robust design baskets fit nearly to the shape of pool skimmer socks. This pool filter sock comes with 30 packs. Lower your maintenance cost and effectively extend the life of the pool filter system. Note: Do not use while dissolving a chlorine tablet in your basket.

  • PVC material type
  • Simple installation, easy dirt remover
  • Wide compatibility

Blue Devil Skimmer Basket

Blue Devil skimmer basket has the sturdiest structure. It is an ideal skimmer basket replacement that fits perfectly with any type of a skimmer. The available color is white. And standard size is 3″ High; 3-7/8″ Bottom Width; 6-1/4″ Top Width. Because it is inexpensive, you can purchase a quantity of products based on your product. This skimmer basket got a 70% positive review in the market. With that, you can ensure high-quality, reputable skimmer basket products for your pool. Improve the pool filter system with great value replaceable skimmer basket for above-ground and in-ground pool.

  • Great and perfect fit for every pool
  • Affordable replacement basket
  • Color- white

Waterway Swimming Pool Skimmer Basket

The waterway swimming pool skimmer basket fits finely on different skimmer brands and models. It is an excellent replacement for the basket in inground and above ground pool. This basket comes with a handle therefore this will not pull off when the basket is removed. The handle suits firmly in the basket. Direct attachment in the freezing water during fall and winter will be prevented. It is built to last. Make sure first you measure the old basket so you could find the perfect size for your skimmer. This basket is budget-friendly you can ensure your budget suits well.

  • Great replacement skimmer basket
  • Last for a couple of years
  • Durable yet inexpensive

Val-Pak Skimmer Basket

Val-Pak skimmer basket is made from high-quality material. It does not deteriorate even when exposed to the sun’s Ultraviolet rays. It is designed to last, attain a long service life. This basket has been tested in rigorous quality control during manufacturing. Val-Pak design skimmer basket to meet the highest standard required for a quality product. Basket measure is 8-1/2”x 5-1/2” it can perfectly fit the U-3 skimmers basket. The basket that does not included with handle Find the best value of your money with a professional-made Val-Pak skimmer basket. No assembly required.

  • Dimensions: 8-1/2”x 5-1/2”
  • Worthy of your money
  • U-3 Skimmer Basket (B-9)

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer

PoolSkim pool skimmer made cleaning and maintenance easier and faster. This award-winning product comes with a sturdy nylon mesh clip-on bag structure that collects and absorbs floating debris and small particles objects that can ruin the pool filter system. Reduce the workload avail durable and efficient pool skimmers PoolSkim offer. As one of the reliable sources, PoolSkim offers technical support on the product. Pool Skimmer works fantastically. It can be simply installed and effectively cleaned all the leaves but even the small debris, pollen, and bugs on the pool.

  • Best value of money
  • Reduces workload on a filtration system
  • Easy cleaning and maintaining


Alladin Equipment Co. basket skimmer can able to replace Pentair 513036, 51-3036, R38030 or B43. Basket skimmer exact measurements are 4 5/8″ height, 7 1/4″ diameter on top, 5 5/16″ diameter on the bottom. These baskets can catch big to small trash. No need for periodic replacement. Alladin Equipment Co. basket skimmer works excellently just like the old one. It has been tested by many satisfied customers. You can check the review from the details below. State your skimmer size so you can find the perfect one for your pool.

  • Strongly-built basket skimmer
  • Measurements: 6 x 4 x 6 inches
  • Heavy-duty, quality replacement

VSECUON Pool Skimmer Socks

VSECUON pool skimmer socks enhance the cleaning and maintaining system of the pool. These pool skimmer socks can attract and trap debris such as leaves, hair, oil, bugs, pollen and more. With effective skimmer socks, you can prevent the filtration system of your pool from clogging. VSECUON pool skimmer socks are super user-friendly, it is easy to use and easy to clean.  Ultimately reduce pool maintenance cost with great value pool skimmer socks. Extend the life of your pool filters system with easy installation replaceable skimmer socks.

  • 30 pack pool filter socks
  • Reduce pool costs; easy to clean and easy to use
  • Protect pool filter system

GG Pool Skimmer Basket

GG Pool skimmer basket is perfect replaceable for SPX1070E, B-9, B9, Pentair Bermuda 516112, Swimquip U-3 08650-0007 basket. The exact dimensions of basket is 5-3/16″ Deep x 5-3/4″ Wide (Bottom) x 8-5/16″ Across (Top). If you find it suitable for your pool skimmer, you can then contact the supplier and check out for more details. This basket holds the most amazing reviews so far. It doesn’t have bad customers review. So that you can ensure you will get satisfied as what others feel.

  • Perfect fit for popular skimmer brand
  • Durability and rigidity is extreme
  • User-friendly skimmer basket

IRISVO Pool Skimmer Socks

IRISVO pool skimmer socks are designed using ultra-fine mesh and durable elastic nylon mesh. These skimmer socks can capture all types of debris, large- small. Whether leaves, grass, insects, these skimmer socks can block it 100%. Without any messiness, it can keep your pool clean and tidy. Manual cleaning no more. This is not expensive as you expect therefore you can afford it. Make cleaning easier and less messy with high-performance IRISVO pool skimmer socks. However, you are suggested to replace socks every after 3-4 weeks. You can choose a product with 20 packs or 30 packs.

  • Premium-quality pool skimmer socks
  • Budget-friendly pool cleaning solution
  • Easy to use and clean

Jixiangdou Pool Skimmer Socks

Jixiangdou pool skimmer socks are made from a natural material, organic cotton. There is no residue of chemical fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide or growth hormone. The socks are soft and smooth. It can powerfully absorb any debris from the pool including leaves, hair, insects like a bug, and many more. Skimmer socks quantity varies – there are 20, 30, 40 and 60 amounts of socks. You can use this for over a year. Help your filtration system be prevented against clogging with powerful pool skimmer socks. These can fit to any skimmer basket size simply attached socks into the basket.

  • Powerful absorption
  • Soft and smooth
  • Prevent filtration system from clogging

VIHOME Pool Filter Socks

VIHOME pool filter socks are made of durable flexible nylon. Pool filter dimensions are 8.66’’ * 5.12’’. This specifically met for 2.8’’-9.8’’ pool basket filters. These filter socks are easy to install. You can simply put them on the basket easily. And when not in use you can easily off it on the basket. It can effectively catch and absorb debris like hair, oil, leaves, bugs, and scum. These filters sock can protect the filter system from damage or clogging. Instead, it extends the lifespan of your pool filter system effectively. This is the ideal use for in-ground and above ground pools.

  • Durable material
  • Universal use; ideal for in-ground and above-ground pools
  • Easy to install

Hestya Pool Skimmer Socks

Hestya pool skimmer socks have an elastic and soft design. These skimmer socks will help protect your pool filtration system efficiently. With flexible and soft material, the socks can be stretched out to fit most baskets and skimmers. This serves as perfect replacements for your baskets filter socks. These socks can be easily put on and off the basket. It catches and collects dog hair, dust, oil, leaves, pine needles, little bugs, and other debris. Since it can capture smaller particles of debris that floats in the water, you can protect your pool pump from damages then.

  • Easy to put on and off
  • Make cleaning easier and time-saving
  • Keep filter clean longer

Femitu Swimming Pool Skimmer Basket

Femitu swimming pool skimmer basket fits for most standard size pool skimmers. The basket includes handles for easy removal from skimmer. Standard size of skimmer basket is 3 inches high x 3 7/8 inches wide at bottom x 6 1/4 inches wide at the top. Less hassle and convenient as skimmer basket require no assembly and off tools. Therefore, you can easily put it to the skimmer and then done. Femitu has satisfied different customers according to reviews. You can check it so you could feel their fulfillment too.

  • Fits most standard size pool skimmers.
  • Includes Handle for easy removal from Skimmer
  • No assembly required

Swimline Skimmer Basket

Swimline skimmer basket is made from high-quality material. It is then designed to advanced technology and equipment which makes it durable and stronger. It can catch and capture different types of debris that float on the pool. Help your filtration system works for a long time with a high-performance skimmer basket. Avoid physical contact with breezing water during the cold season instead use Swimline skimmer basket for convenience and ease cleaning and maintenance. All product has been too rigorous testing therefore you can ensure dependability.

  • Made high-quality material
  • Top of the line skimmer basket
  • High-quality product made to last

Triluca Skimmer Basket

Triluca skimmer basket is made from Abs plastic material. This high-quality American Products skimmer basket replacement has the construction lasts longer. Specifications of product Height 7 3/4″-Bottom 7 1/2″-Top Lip 8 1/2″. It is shallow than others therefore it can carry an amount of debris. It is more effective than others. It can perfectly fit into the old basket. And because of its great price, a lot of customers attract these types of the skimmer basket. The color will last as the basket would be. This solid product will keep your filtration system away from destructible debris.

  • Made of Abs plastic
  • 00B37 skimmer basket
  • Fit great

B39 skimmer basket

The B39 skimmer basket is made from a heavy-duty plastic material. It is Made in the USA, therefore, you can guarantee reliability and durability of the basket. It can effectively catch all the debris in the pool. From small to large particles –this basket can capture it undoubtedly. With its
7 inch X 7 Inch measures, it has the capacity to store and collect the amount of debris floats around the pool. B39 skimmer basket has already proven its effectiveness to several customers. Choose the best skimmer basket according to your pool accessories needs.

  • 7 inch X 7 Inch skimmer basket
  • Well made
  • Last for decades
  • Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost Right
    "Get updated swimming pool maintenance tips and reduce your cost"

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