The Best 30 Pool Shock in 2020

Looking for a reliable and most effective pool shock today?

Before you purchase one for your swimming pool, there are factors to consider!

We’ve researched and collected the best 30 pool shock in the market today including latest price, reviews, outstanding features, and brand advantage.

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Pool Essentials Shock Treatment

Pool Essentials shock treatment serves as an economical choice for all pool types. This pool shock is specifically designed for easy pool shocking.

You can keep your pool sparkling clean with Pool Essentials powerful pool shock treatment. It can dissolve easily and fast. Apply pool shock directly into the deep end of the pool. It works and removes swimmer contaminants including body oils, lotion, urines and so on.

You can use this effective shock at any time of the year. If heavy conditions might occur, you can apply more pool shock-like heavy rain, high temperatures, and heavy use.

If you own a commercial or residential pool, then you must go with Pool Essentials for shock treatment.

  • Fast dissolving pool shock
  • Kills contaminants
  • Powerful and effective
  • Works beautifully

HTH Super Swimming Pool Shock

The HTH Super swimming pool shock helps you enjoy sparkling, crystal clear water all season. The 4-step pool care & 3-Step care program enhances the enjoyment and relaxation for all year round.

A complete line of HTH super swimming pool shock has a strong ability to kill harmful bacteria and algae. And it gives your pool ideal restoration to keep clean and clear.

HTH Super swimming pool shock is convenient, easy to use, and won’t over stabilize your pool. Within 24 hours, chlorine odor and eye irritation will be reduced.

Slowly pour the pool shock into skimmer and make sure material is drawn into the system at the same rate.

  • Kills bacteria and algae
  • Fast-acting
  • Fast dissolve
  • Crystal clear result within 24 hours
  • Add every 7 days

CLOROX Pool&Spa Shock Plus

CLOROX Pool& Spa shock plus offer convenient, easy-open and easy-pour features. Save time and cost and enjoy crystal clear water with Clorox Pool&Spa shock plus. For best results, weekly apply pool shock and after every party and severe weather conditions.

It removes contaminants and destroys bacteria effectively. And reduce your sanitizer’s effectiveness and causes smelly, eye-irritating and dull water. No installation required. Pool shock easily dissolves both day and night. Within 15 minutes, it dissolved so fast. Works instantly allow you to swim more time and enjoy summer.

Improve filter performance with CLOROX Pool& Spa shock plus. This pool shock got 4.6 out of 5 customer reviews in the market.

  • Clears cloudy water
  • Improves swimmer comfort
  • Won’t impact pH
  • Improves filter performance

In The Swim Chlorine-Free Pool Shock

In The Swim chlorine-free pool shock provide many benefits for virtually every swimming application. Shock treatment is an essential factor for opening and closing your pool. For ideal results, you must apply treatment weekly. It helps you enhance your chlorine’s sanitizing efficiency.

As one of the most versatile shock in the market today, In The Swim chlorine-free pool is your cost-effective choice. It offers higher free chlorine levels. And it helps eliminate the growth of algae and other harmful bacteria. In just 15 minutes, the pool is safe to swim. Dosage is 1 pound per 10,000 gallons.

  • Powerful pool shock
  • Ideal for use with all sanitizer types and weekly maintenance
  • Keep healthy and clean pool around

Liquid Chlorine Pool Shock

Liquid Chlorine pool shock is easy-to-use, fast and effective. To use, directly pour liquid pool shock into your swimming pool. This is a great alternative to tablets and granule chlorine products. For opening and closing your pool, this is a useful and must-have product.

It is certified by NSF/ANSI 60 standard. This product comes with 12.5% commercial grade strength liquid chlorine. Depend upon temperature and number of swimmers, pouring of pool shock is measured.

If you’re a pool owner or new in the pool business, then you must check this liquid chlorine pool shock. It is made in the USA.

  • NSF/ANSI 60 Certified pool shock
  • Ready to use
  • Ideal for pressure washing, sanitation and related uses
  • Easy, fast and effective

E-Z Pool All In One Pool Care Solution

E-Z Pool all in one pool care solution offers second to none treatment. It makes maintenance done in a breeze. This powerful pool shock burns out bacteria, algae, oils, lotions, and other harmful bacteria. Automatically balances your pH between 7.2 and 7.6. Also, this treatment contains copper sulfate that effectively destroys over 20,000 strains of algae.

No more cloudy water or white flake precipitation, instead ensure crystal clear swimming pool. No more tight feeling, dry skin or itching since water has softened.

This powerful clarifier made by E-Z Pool eliminates bleaching of the pool liner and swim gear.

  • All-in-one treatment for your pool
  • Powerful oxidation
  • Eliminate bleaching pool liner and swim gear

HTH Pool Shock

HTH Pool shock has a super and excellent shock to keep your pool clean for all seasons. For the best result, you must add treatment every weekend- after 7 days. It effectively kills harmful bacteria and algae growth. The result is fast. After 15 minutes, it is ready to use again.

Crystal clear pool result will be admired in just 24-hours. It is also compatible with saltwater. A lot of customers have to commend HTH products. It is one of the best brands in the market when it comes to effective pool shock.

  • Add every 7-days
  • Kills bacteria & algae
  • Fast-acting 4-in-1 shock treatment
  • Crystal clear results in 24-hours
  • Compatible with salt systems

Leslie's Power Powder Shock

Leslie’s power powder shock is fast-dissolving shock treatment. It kills bacteria and controls the growth of algae effectively.

Customers amaze of powder shock performance when killing algae. Restoration of pool water clarity will no longer prolong.

It has a superior chlorinator of up to 73%. 1 bag is equivalent to 1 LB. The 1 pound treatment can treat 16,500 gallons of water.

  • Fast dissolving shock treatment
  • Kills bacteria & controls algae growth
  • 1 pound treats 16,500 gallons
  • Super chlorinator

DryTec Chlorinating Shock

DeyTec chlorinating shock is recommended use during evening hours. When putting the product to your pool, you must evenly spread over a wide area in the deepest part of the pool.

For best performance and result, you must maintain pH in the range of 7.2-7.6. You must maintain total alkalinity in the range of 60 to 120 parts per million (ppm) and maintain calcium hardness above 200 ppm.

When doing this, you must choose a reliable test kit. You must follow the treatment direction. Throughout the pool season, you must maintain the pH range. It kills bacteria and other contaminants effectively.

  • Best shock treatment
  • Add every after 7 days
  • Fast-acting quick-dissolving pool treatment
  • 68% calcium hypochlorite

Rx Clear Super Shock for Swimming Pools

Rx Clear super shocks for swimming pool contain 68% calcium hypochlorite. This shock will raise your free chlorine levels, water hardness and pH levels giving you crystal clear pool water for more enjoyable swimming experience.

In any season, Rx clear super shock will keep your pool cleaner, safer and enjoyable. Rx Clear super shock is very effective and efficient. It will give your pool crystal clear water that fits your pool needs.

Rx Clear is one of the premier choices when it comes to treatment pool supplies. P.S: Do not use the pool for 8-10 hours after application.

  • Effective and efficient pool shock treatment
  • Safe, cleaner and more enjoyable swim experience
  • Mix before you fix

Works best at night

Doheny's Chlorine Free - Oxidizing Shock

Doheny’s chlorine-free- oxidizing shock can restore sparkle and pool water clarity. With strong oxidizing agents, pool water effectively keeps water clear while controlling contaminants.

The growth of algae will be controlled and eliminate and kills bacteria. This treatment comes with active ingredient potassium monopersulfate.

For a safer pool surface, you may go with Doheny’s chlorine-free- oxidizing shock. The recommended dosage is 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons. Apply product every after 10 days or every after harsh conditions.

  • Chlorine-free
  • Clears pools within 15 minutes
  • Active ingredient potassium monopersulfate
  • Safe for all pool surfaces
  • 1 lb. per 10,000 gallon dosage

Spa Essentials Chlorine Shock

Spa Essentials chlorine shock is ideal for spas and hot tubs. It is easy to use. No further mixing required.

The Spa Essentials chlorine shock is a multi-purpose shock that will restore water sparkle and removes unpleasant odors in the water.

This product can be used in chlorinated or brominated spas. Also, it is applicable to those using ozone or ionization systems. Spa Essentials can help you make your spa water stunning clean, maintain beautiful spa water.

Spa Essentials is the brand you can count on for effective cleaning. The product contains 58.2% Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione.

  • Restores water sparkle
  • Removes unpleasant odors

Multipurpose shock

SpaGuard Enhanced Spa Shock

SpaGuard enhances shock is a multi-purpose shock with 4-in-1 functions. It has shocked, clarifies, flocculent and Ph buffer. It prevents changes to the delicate Ph balance of your spa or hot tub.

You can restore water sparkle and removes unpleasant odor to your pool. This treatment eliminates contaminants that build up in the spa and hot tub use.

SpaGuard enhances shock is also compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and ionization systems. It consists of 58.2% Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetrion. In just 15 minutes, treats results already taken.

SpaGuard enhance shock got 4.7 out of 5 customer review, therefore, you can guarantee the value of your money.

  • Chlorinating Spa or Hot Tub Shock
  • Eliminates contaminants
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and ionization systems

PoolRx Swimming Pool Booster

PoolRx swimming pool booster can support 7.5-20k gallon of pool water. This pool booster is used to replace PoolRx minerals. After 4-6 months of using the unit, it can be replaced with a new one.

The PoolRx swimming pool booster will let you start the swimming season with effectiveness. For year-round of pool use, add the PoolRx swimming pool booster.

PoolRx has been one of the trusted brands in the market providing ideal support to any type of pool water. PoolRx is also ideal for saltwater.

  • Effective for up to 6 months
  • Eliminates all types of algae
  • Reduces chemical demand
  • Ideal for all types of pools

DryTec Calcium Shock Treatment

DryTec calcium shock treatment term of use is pouring entire content once opened. Recommended dosage is one bag per 10,000 gallons of water.

It is ideal to apply during evening hours while the filter pump is running. Evenly scatter the product in the area to the deepest part of the pool.

If there’s granule settle to the bottom of the pool, you must use a brush to disperse it. For best performance and result, adjust and maintain a range of 7.2 to 7.6.

Use a reliable test kit to measure all these ranges and use pool care products to make adjustments.

  • 24 pack (1 pound each)
  • Fast acting quick-dissolving treatment
  • Kills bacteria and control algae
  • Recommend dosage: 1 pound per 10,000 gallons of water

XtremepowerUS Solar Pool Purifier

XtremepowerUS solar pool purifier is your perfect solution for your algae problem. This complete set of algae killers will keep your pool clean all the time.

XtremepowerUs will be your simple and efficient solution for your complex problem. Each unit can effectively cope up to 32,000 gallons. It works well for shaded and screened pools. Also, it works effectively in small pools by reducing chlorine levels faster.

For visible results, you must carefully read the instructions on how to use to ionizer to your pool. Make sure to test out water after 24 hours. Save money on pool chemicals with XtremepowerUS solar pool purifier.

  • 1 pound= 32,000 gallons
  • Full treatment solution
  • Save money on pool chemical

Kem-Tek Chlorinating Liquid

Kem-Tek chlorinating liquid is good for everyday chlorination and shock treatment. It holds 128 ounces = 3 packs. It works instantly to any type of pool and filter.

In the above pool ground, in-ground pool, spas and hot tubs, it is can be used for effective cleaning. Cloudy water turns into crystal clear water over time.

Kem-Tek chlorinating liquid required no mixing. It can be used easily. It can directly pour into the pool.

  • Calcium free and works instantly
  • Will not cloud pool water
  • Safe for all types of pools and filters
  • No assembly required

Leisure Time Non-Chlorine Shock

Leisure time non-chlorine shocks effectively eliminate odor and cloudy waters by reducing irritating contaminants. This treatment can be used with chlorine, bromine, ozone and mineral and other sanitizers. It clears out the cloudy pool water.

Leisure time non-chlorine shocks prevent pH fluctuations. It destroys microorganisms, soaps, deodorants, and oils effectively. After 15 minutes, you can use the pool and enjoy the swimming time again.

Non-chlorine shock by Leisure time is your economical treatment choice. Available sizes are 1 pack, 2 pack, 4 pack, and 12 pack. You can choose the best packaging based on your pool.

  • Buffered to prevent pH fluctuations
  • Can use spa 15 minutes after use
  • Destroys microorganisms, soaps, deodorants, and oils
  • Economical bulk package

SpaChoice Chlorine Granules

Spa Choice chlorine granules are designed to dissolve fully and quickly. These chlorine granules offer a steady source to block algae growth and kill bacteria. Plus, it destroys organic contaminants.

Spa Choice chlorine granules are able to protect against UV rays from the sun instead increase the life of your chlorine. The product comes with directional use so that you will find the right way to use products. Maintain conditions of your pool, spa, and hot tub through frequent testing.

Spa Choice chlorine granules are recommended for use under heavy operation.

  • Dissolves quickly and completely
  • Stabilized spa chlorine
  • Controls Algae
  • Kills Bacteria

Spa-deput Oxy Spa Oxidizing shock

Spa-deput Oxy spa oxidizing shock acts instantly. In the pool or spa, it is an ideal shock treatment to use for. Oxy spa oxidizing shock quickly eliminates the contaminants such as perspiration, lotion, and cosmetic residue.

Elimination of foreign matter is essential for great water quality. Crystal clear water will be met instantly. After applied, the pool can be used and give immediate action.

Spa-deput Oxy spa oxidizing shock consists of active oxygen level which determines shocking effectiveness. Active oxygen level is 4.3%. You can use a rate of 1 1/2 – 2 oz. per 500 gallons of water upon startup.

  • Easy to use
  • Highest active oxygen
  • Unsurpassed quality
  • Maximum effectiveness in pools and hot tubs

Cclear Pool Supply Pool Chlorine Floater

Cclear Pool Supply pool chlorine floater is offered at affordable prices. It is made to last and comes with warranty service for better experience and satisfaction.

Look no further with swimming pool maintenance supplier, Cclear Pool is your answer. Due to heavy-duty material, it keeps your pool sanitized for many years to come.

Cclear Pool Supply pool chlorine is great for small to large pool type that uses chlorine/ bromine tablets. In in-ground and above ground, fiberglass, pool, and spas, saltwater, this pool floater is your choice. Safe and strong structure to withstand heavy conditions.

  • Safe and strong
  • Designed to last
  • 2 year warranty

Ultima Total Control Pool Shock

Ultima total control pool shock kills the algae and growth of bacteria. Combining pool shock and algaecide treatment, pool water maintains clarity. This combines granular allows simple and direct application to the pool.

Ultima total control pool shock prevents black, green and yellow algae. Utilizing pool shock, you could improve water transparency. One pack can treat 20,000 gallons.

  • Shock & Algaecide in One
  • Prevents Algae
  • Improves water clarity
  • Granular product

Aqua Chem Swimming Pool Shock

Aqua Chem swimming pool shock will get your pool back in the pool. It kills bacteria and algae quickly.

With added ingredients to clear cloudy water, it effectively eliminates contaminants. Maintain your pool sparkling clean, ready to swim.

After applying treatment, 15 minutes after, you could use pool water, for all types of season. Reduce chlorine odor and eye irritation due to bad water.

  • Kills bacteria and algae
  • Creates sparkling water
  • For use in all pool types
  • Reduces chlorine odor and eye irritation

Milliard Chlorine Floater

Milliard chlorine floater is a great way to keep your swimming season in pool enjoyable. It will keep your pool cleaned and maintain safe and sanitary for all seasons.

Milliard chlorine floater makes time swimming easy and cost-effective. You can spend less time working and more time swimming. This chlorine floater is specifically designed in the water and slowly releases an adjustable amount of chlorine into the pool.

All Milliard chlorine floaters are manufactured with safety, quality and control in mind. Milliard #1 goal is to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Maintain safe and sanitary for all season
  • Twist-lock cap keeps stored chlorine secure

Austin's Pool Tech Pool Shock

Austin’s Pool Tech pool shock is available at extreme prices. You can clear up your pool effectively. It will be your awesome choice for cleaning and pool maintenance.

Whether your pool type is above pool ground, in-ground pool, spas, you could rely on Austin’s Pool Tech pool shock for extreme filter solution. With 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite, you could find the exact pool shock.

Austin’s Pool Tech pool shock is sold at reasonable prices. Keep your pool crystal clear for everyday use.

  • Swimming Pool Water Disinfection
  • Spa/Hot Tub Maintenance
  • 5% sodium hypochlorite

Pool Brand 3-Inch Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

Pool Brand 3-Inch Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets – 50 Pounds are EPA approved and constructed in the USA. It is UV stabilized to extend and protect the effectiveness of the tablet when placed in a pool.

These chlorine tablets will definitely sanitize your pool properly on every occasion. Each tablet has 90% available chlorine. Rest assured, chlorine tablets are individually wrapped in easy-open bags. Additionally, these tablets dissolve consistently, keep the water pool clear and keep the chlorine level constant.

With chlorine tablet, you only need fewer tablets to keep your pool chlorine level at your desired level. Pool brand chlorine tablets are available at affordable prices.

  • UV stabilized to protect the chlorine tablets
  • 90% chlorine content
  • Manufactured in the USA

Rx Clear Stabilized Granular Chlorine

Rx Clear Stabilized Granular Chlorine can be used As Bactericide, Algaecide, and Disinfectant in Swimming Pools and Spas. It slowly dissolves. And it has UV protected.

Rx Clear Stabilized Granular Chlorine has 99% sodium diclor that offers a crystal clear pool water that will not harsh your skin. These granular chlorine is 100% soluble and there is no calcium residue upon usage.

It is UV light resistant granular chlorine and lasts longer in water. There’s less odor in these products and has longer shelf-life.

Rx clear stabilized granular chlorine also adds benefits by containing algaecide, disinfectant, and bactericide. Keep your liner from bleaching by this granular chlorine.

  • Clearwater for safe swimming
  • Dissolves in short time
  • UV light resistant

Pool Essentials Shock Treatment 3 Pack

Pool Essentials Shock Treatment 6 Pack (13.4 oz Bags) (ТhrееPаck) offers a crystal clear water and keep your pool sparkling. It will help you monitor and reach the perfect chlorine levels.

Pool essential shock removes contaminants from swimmers such as urine, lotion, sweats, and body oils and there is no assembly required upon applying. These products are designed for easy weekly pool shocking in any season.

Pool essentials shock treatment 6 will not only give great results but give an outstanding value of your money. There is no extra cost in fancy packaging and it is delivered on time.

  • Fast dissolve
  • Crystal clear water
  • Great results and great price

In The Swim Super Pool Shock 6 Bags

In The Swim Super Pool Shock 6 x 1 Pound Bags is a powerful chlorine shock treatment that will keep your water pool clear. It can eliminate all harmful contaminants, eliminates the toughest algae and invisible bacteria.

This shock is best for the water pool maintenance, visible algae blooms and spring openings. Its’ main ingredient is 73% calcium hypochlorite making it the strongest water pool shock.

In The Swim super pool shock 6 x 1 pound bags is ideal for sanitizing oxidizing and balancing the chlorine level of your water pool. For poor water conditions, you can double or triple the dose of these products because it has no side effects on the swimmers.

  • Eliminates bacteria and algae easily
  • Super effective and powerful chlorine shock
  • 73% Calcium Hypochlorite

Sea Klear Natural Clarifier

Sea Klear SKSBP-02 Natural Clarifier for Spas and Hot Tubs (2 Pack), 1 pint is perfect for keeping your spa and hot tub clear and clean. It eliminates excess metal, oil scum and easy to use and effective.

Safe to use even with any kind of sanitizer. These products are manufactured by high-quality standard materials and ideal for keeping your pool and spa maintained properly and clean.

Sea klear SKSBP-02 natural clarifier for spas and hot tubs features patented and unique technology. It will not only keep your water pool clear but also sparkling. This natural clarifier helps you remove dirt from your spa and hot tub water.

  • Effective and easy to use
  • Safe to use in all sanitizers
  • Keep water clean and sparkling
  • Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost Right
    "Get updated swimming pool maintenance tips and reduce your cost"