Best 30 Pool Cover That Will Increase Your Pool Safety in 2020

A swimming pool cover is a must for every family, it will definitely increase your pool safety especially in winter.

If you want to buy any type of pool cover, I collect the best 30 for you to choose including solar pool cover, glass pool cover, polycarbonate pool cover and more.

You can find each pool cover review and check latest price.

Sun 2 Solar Rectangle Solar Cover

Sun 2 Solar rectangle solar covers are made from a film with thousands of tiny bubbles. It will reduce costs of pool heating. This pool covers available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. With that, you can find the perfect cover solution for your pool. Effective at the same time affordable heating solution mostly during summer seasons. The pool cover available colors are blue and clear. It provides an appealing refreshing look to help warm your pool. Sun 2 solar cover is easy to put on and take off at a time. Pool’s temperature will not drop too much with the Sun 2 solar cover.

  • Minimize water evaporation
  • Jump into warmth
  • Heat retention
  • Trim to fit

here is an example for you.

BLue Wave Above Ground Pool Cover

Blue Wave above ground pool cover is made of high-grade materials providing optimum strength and durability. The cover can withstand the worst winter conditions. Because it has UV protection, it will last for years in direct sunlight. Also, it has strong protection from snow, ice, and wind. Blue Wave above ground pool cover comes in a range of colors and sizes allowing you to find the pool covers to suit your pool well and your taste also. This pool cover backed by an 8-year warranty.

  • Series of cover sizes based on pool size
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Withstand any weather conditions

Robelle Winter Pool Cover

Robelle winter pool cover is made of UV-resistant polyethylene material. It is ideal for above ground pools. This pool cover comes with a four-foot overlap that makes it easier to secure cover into your pools. You can choose the cover size which suits your pool size. There are plenty of sizes and color options available. The Robelle winter pool cover has the capacity to last longer than inferior covers because of its high scrim count. It also comes with quality features you admire of a pool cover. It will be able to float comfortably on the pool water without excessive stress.

  • UV-resistant polyethylene material
  • Includes winch and cable
  • ten-year warranty service

Thermo-Tex Swimming Solar Pool Cover

Thermo-Tex swimming solar pool cover is made from high-quality, UV stabilized polymers materials. It resists degradation caused by sun and pool chemicals. This cover is lighter in weight. Due to its weightless feature, the cover is easier to put on and take off on the pool. Let your swimming season extend with Thermo-Tex solar pool covers. Reduced chemical consumption, pool heating costs and water evaporation through solar pool covers. Maintain water temperature during cool nights and cloudy days.

  • High-quality swimming pool cover
  • Lightweight, high resistant design
  • Lower operating costs
  • 3-years limited warranty

Happybuy Pool Safety Cover

Happybuy pool safety cover is environmentally-friendly, high-temperature resistant material. This soft and tough PP material makes it a durable and practical cover to your pool. The cover size is 20×38 ft it suits in a pool with 18×36 ft size. Also, it included installation tools that make it easy to install at home. Drilling up to 40mm deep hole with a 19mm diameter drill bit easily. After rigorous testing, the product has safeness and rigidity that can be utilized for many years.

  • Reasonable size
  • High-quality, easy to install pool cover
  • Porous, tight mesh cover

WICHEMI Safety Pool Cover

WICHEMI safety pool cover has strong tensile toughness which prevents children, pets, livestock, etc from falling into the pool. It also consists of tight mesh that keeps out silt and dust, leaf and debris into the water. With its robust material, the cover has toughness, temperature-resistant that protect pools from damages. WICHEMI safety pool cover blocks harmful rays of the sun and other elements. This cover is easy to install because it comes with an attachment kit including brass anchors and tension spring. Given tools will save your installation cost-effectively.

  • Reasonable size; suit 12×24 ft pool
  • Easy to install; installation kit included
  • Strong tensile toughness
  • Easy to operate –last 10 years

Blue Wave Pool Winter Cover

Blue Wave pool winter cover comes with an 8-year warranty service. These covers have durability and heavy-duty features able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The Blue Wave pool winter cover rugged polyethylene scrim and coating makes it lasts for years in direct rays of sunlight. It also has protection against snow, ice, wind, and other conditions. The cover is consists of real promising features that ensures a proper fit helping cover from stretching and ripping. Heavy-duty cable and winch tightener included for better performance. Available colors of cover come in dark navy blue with various sizes options.

  • Strong protection to weather conditions
  • Included with cable and winch tightener
  • 8-year warranty on every purchase

MidWest Canvas Oval Solar Cover

MidWest Canvas Oval Solar Cover offers plentiful of advantages. It is a natural resource to heat your above-ground and in-ground swimming pool. These covers are made from durable resin materials that capture and transmit heat of the sun to your swimming pool. It prevents undesired dirt and debris from pool water. Also, helps minimize pool water evaporation up to 95%, instead, it reduces heat loss at night or on cloudy days. MidWest Canvas Oval Solar Cover is available in different sizes namely 12’x18’, 12’x20’, 12’x24’, 15’x24’, and 15’x30’. Cover style is diamond and cover shape is oval.

  • Blocks water evaporation
  • Trim to fit pool shape
  • Durable resin material made

Intex Solar Cover

Intex solar cover also is known as solar heat-retaining cover reduces evaporation up to 95%. It also has drain holes that prevent water accumulation on the pool. This cover helps keep the pool water warmer. It perfectly fits inside edge of the pool and floats in place.  The actual size of product is 11’x5’. However, it is intended with above ground pools with a 12ft diameter in size. This cover is easy to install and store. A reusable carry bag for storage is included. Intex solar covers for 12-foot round pools. It comes with a 1-year guaranteed service.

  • Drain holes-preventing accumulation of water
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Lightweight material

VINGLI Pool Cover Reel

VINGLI pool cover reel offers maximum durability and sturdiness. Its robust construction design makes it more stable and consistently strong. Cover reel wheels are made of large full solid tires. This also features a 3-section aluminum pipe design that would not drop even if it was used for a long time. Also, embedded strap links improve the pulling force to be more stable and bigger. The grooved reel tube design avoids strap fall off. This reel is very sturdy and has an attractive design.

  • Easy to assemble and easy to use
  • Durable, maintenance-free, robust-free construction
  • Environmentally-friendly design

Pool Mate Winter Pool Cover

Pool Mate winter pool cover has the ability to protect your pool water during harsh winter conditions. This superior-quality cover can minimize any dirt, debris and other contaminants to the pool. The cover prevents algae growth by blocking UV rays from entering the pool. A clean and tidy pool in any season will be acclaimed. This cover is easy to use- open and close pool. Moreover, Pool Mate winter pool cover features a 4-foot overlap making it easier to install. Each cover comes with a 12-year warranty.

  • Features a 4-foot overlap
  • Heavy-duty cable and winch
  • Professional-quality, lightweight winter pool cover

Swimline Winter Pool Cover

Swimline winter pool cover works great your pool in the wondrous condition of winter. It will make your pool back into the shape in the spring even easier. This cover prevents wind-blown debris, dirt, and other contaminants from entering your pool. After the season, you and your family can get back to swimming hassle-free and faster. This winter pool cover has been treated to provide superior resistance from the damaging effect of UV rays. It helps stop deterioration and increase longevity at a time. Because it made of laminated polyethylene sheeting woven, it has maximum tensile strength and durability of a pool cover.

  • Highly resistant punctures, tears, chlorine stains, and other chemical stains
  • Superior tensile strength and durability
  • U.V. Inhibitors protects the cover from sun rays

Mistcooling Pool Cover Anchor

Mistcooling pool cover anchor is designed to use together with inground swimming pools safety covers and mesh covers. This works with concrete and pavers deck. The anchor has an octagon Allen head hole. It is used for screwing the anchors in and out as it is required. This anchor system is used on tarps or covers to deliver a trampoline effect on the cover. These inserts are not affected by pool chemicals. It is a lead-free type fitting that can be also used for portable drinking water. To be exact this anchor size is 5/8” and fits ¾” hole. Mistcooling pool cover anchor can suit with most major brand pool safety covers.

  • Free pool cover installation tool
  • Designed to work with Concrete and Pavers Deck
  • Fits in-ground swimming pool safety covers and mesh covers

FibroPool Electric Swimming Pool Winter Cover Drain Pump

FibroPool electric swimming pool winter cover drain pump is designed to be one of the fastest, easiest and most affordable draining solutions for every pool. It is designed for both in-ground and above-ground pools. With a compact drain hose, you can leave your garden hose where it belongs. This hassle-free kit will save you time and energy. Durable and impact-resistant construction of drain pump casing enables an extension of pump service life. Weather-resistant, rust-resistant and mildew.

  • High-performance pump remove up to 600 gallons of water
  • Works for both in-ground and above ground pools
  • Compact 16 foot hose included

Wood Grip Brass Anchor for Pool Safety Cover

Wood Grip Brass Anchor for pool safety cover is designed to keep your pool cover safe from accidents during the winter season. With pool anchor, your children, pets, and livestock will be prevented from falling in and getting trapped with the non-safety cover. This is so easy to use. Plus, it can fits for most major brands. By reason, you won’t be forced to buy from a single distributor. This anchor can work with concrete and pavers deck. Specific size of anchor is 1-5/8″ long and suits well in 3/4″ hole. It is made from high-quality brass metal therefore its durability and strong performance are ensured.

  • Super easy to use
  • Quality-tested brass anchor
  • Fits for most major brands

In The Swim Pool Solar Blanket Cover

In The Swim pool solar blanket cover deliver a lot of advantages that will save you time and money. This pool solar blanket cover is made of polyethylene material. It has lightweight and durable features that make it easy to install. Through cutting covers into pool shape, you can fit covers to your own pool. Moreover, this solar blanket cover will help your water temperature up to 8-10 degrees in approximately 5-7 days of consistent sunlight. With In The Swim pool solar blanket cover, you can extend and enjoy your swim season longer.

  • Reduces your water evaporation and chemical loss effectively
  • Extends the swimming season in comfortable water temperature
  • 7 years limited warranty

E.share Sun shade Sail

E.share sun shade sail is constructed of high-quality sun screen fabric. It allows refreshing breezes that flow through and blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays. This sail can easily hang in the outdoor space providing shade and protection. This sail is not only applicable for pool protection but also ideal to driveway, preventing harmful effects of sun rays to objects. Also, when the rainy season, it allows rain to pass through and block debris, leaves, and dirt into the pool water. The sail has a stainless steel D ring on each edge which strongly guarantees fastness of installation.

  • Square Shade Sail Size 20ft x 20ft
  • Premium-quality sunscreen fabric
  • Blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays

In The Swim Rectangle Swimming Pool Leaf Net Cover

In The Swim rectangle swimming pool, leaf net cover is your leaf-catcher solution.  This leaf net cover can be simply laid into the top of the winter cover. Leaves, debris, and dust will be controlled with this amazing solution. It is made from durable knitted polyethylene –effectively prevent decaying of leaves from collecting into the pool water. Simply tuck underwater tubes or use the reinforced tie-down loops for easy securing. Cover color available in black only.

  • 30 x 22 x 9 inches cover size
  • Knitted polyethylene materials enhance durability
  • Prevent leaves, debris in the pool cover and pool water

Little Giant Swimming Pool Cover Submersible Pump

Little Giant swimming pool cover submersible pump has a wide base design for needed stability. This is ideal for removing water from all types of household pool covers. It comes with a removable intake screen for easy clean and maintains. The unit has a built-in handle for portability and ease of placement and removal. It can connect to a 3/4-inch garden hose. It also has an integrated float switch for reliable automatic operation – activates in 2-Inch of water.

  • Housing: Glass-filled polypropylene
  • Built-in handle for portability and ease of placement and removal
  • Removable intake screen for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 3 years warranty

Pool Mate Rectangle Winter Pool Cover

Pool Mate winter pool cover can protect your pool under extreme winter conditions. This professional-made pool cover prevents dirt, debris, and leaves from entering the pool water throughout the season. You can effectively close your pool with proper wintering chemicals that will clean your pool in the spring. With Pool Mate rectangle winter pool cover, ensuring better performance of your pool. This cover features a 5-foot overlap for additional material passed to your pool size. These high-quality, lightweight covers are built to last longer. There are 12 sizes available each comes with 12 years warranty service.

  • High-quality, polyethylene made pool cover
  • Stops debris, dirt, blocks UV rays effect
  • 5-foot overlap for easy installation

Lite Strong Safety Pool Cover

Lite Strong safety pool cover can protect your pool guards your children and pets- an entire family with strong and long-lasting pool cover. It can be put on and remove into the pool within 5 mins. or less. These superior-quality covers can help with brass anchors that recess flush with your pool deck when the cover is not in use. Because it is made of strong two-ply mesh, you can assure your premium quality structure to protect your family from accidents in the pool. Together with safety features, Lite Strong safety pool cover can afford harsh winter protection of your pool.

  • Finest-quality, a lightweight safety pool cover
  • Long-lasting structure and features
  • Made of strong two-ply mesh

YARD GUARD Safety Pool Cover

YARD GUARD safety pool cover is made of porous, tight mesh that keeps out silt and debris. You can effectively protect your pool from the contaminants with high-quality mesh cover manufactured from YARD GUARD. Keep out silt and debris while allowing pool water flows continuously. It has strong wear and tear-resistant that can withstand years of usage.  The cover can resist damage, UV rays, and other elements. Because this pool cover was built on modern cover technology and equipment, you can ensure quality checked has done and guarantee reliability.

  • High-quality in-ground pool cover
  • Constructed using advanced cover technology
  • Safety and practical features included

Winter Block Swimming Pool Winter Cover with Winch and Cable

Keep your pool in good condition during the cold and winter months with Winter Block swimming pool winter cover with winch and cable. You can also get your pool back into shapes in the easiest way. Because this pool cover is made of laminated polyethylene sheeting, you can ensure premium tensile strength and durability. Maximum resistance to the damaging effect of UV rays is achieved. Winter Block swimming pool winter cover with winch and cable enhance the pool longevity. You can rest assured you will satisfy and your pool will be ready for another family fun season.

  • Solid, durable pool winter cover with winch and cable
  • Block debris, dust, leaves out your pool
  • Easy to install and remove the cover

Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump

Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump as an automatic water removal pool cover pump, it has efficient energy, flow rate to perform effectively. This pool cover pump comes with check-valve, garden hose adapter, 25 foot power cord, and 25ft rope that help position the pump into pool cover. The pump has a unique protection circuit that protect the motor from a locked impeller condition. It has iSwitch technology which turns pump on and off by sensing the presence of water. Easily plug in pump while leaving pump unattended for worry-free water removal.

  • Auto on and off pump by sensing the presence of water
  • Energy efficient, high flow, oil-free pump
  • Features unique protection circuit

Blue Wave 18-ft Round Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover

Let spring opening quick and easy with Blue Wave 18-ft round leaf net above ground pool cover. Install pool covers to trap debris, dust, leaves and other elements from passing water pools. This is so easy to use. You can simply lay the pool cover on top of the winter cover. Effectively eliminate messy swamp of decaying leaves with an above ground pool cover. It is consists of cable and winch to hold pool cover securely in place.

  • Cover size has a 3-ft overlap to fit most top rails
  • Heavy-duty cable and winch tightener included
  • Quick and easy installation

Winter Block WC24R Swimming Pool Winter Cover

Winter Block WC24R swimming pool winter cover is made of laminated polyethylene material which makes it super durable and heavy-duty. It has great features for keeping the pool in good condition under challenging winter conditions. Make your pool back into shape when spring comes. When you choose the Winter Block WC24R Swimming Pool Winter Cover, you can guarantee the longevity of your pool life. With maximum resistance to damage, rest assured that you will be satisfied with your pool protection including your family also. Solidly construct cover will keep debris and other elements out of your pool when not in use.

  • Included: steel cable and winch
  • Durable and lightweight covers for harsh winter conditions
  • Summer-ready swimming season

Hinspergers Poly Tarp Swimming Pool Solar Blanket

This robustly-made solar blanket has a strong resistance to weather damage. This is designed to be wrapped around a solar blanket. This Poly Tarp swimming pool solar blanket provides a strong feature against UV radiation and other inclement weather. Hinspergers poly tarp pool solar blanket feature Velcro fasteners. It allows the poly tarp to be securely fastened to solar cover reels. This ensures solar cover consistent protection from windy and stormy conditions. Due to its robustness, you can guarantee a reliable pool solar blanket for your pool.

  • 40-inch wide solar blanket fits 16 ft wide pools
  • Made from highly durable, woven fabric
  • Provides a protective shield against heavy weather condition

Kokido In-Ground Stainless Steel Pool Cover Reel

Kodiko In-ground stainless steel pool cover reel with metal tube set provides many advantageous features to your pool. Cleanliness and safety are the top leads. With this high-performance cover real, applying and removing cover into the pool will be much easier. Keep your entire pool protected from elements with quality construction cover reel. This reel features a length of 5 x 4 feet 11 inches and spans 14 feet to 18 feet 8 inches depending on how far you want to expand it. Complete protection of your pool with Kokido In-Ground Stainless Steel Pool Cover Reel.

  • Premium-quality stainless steel pool cover reel
  • Fast and easy to manage pool cover
  • Included: straps with connector and clips

Happybuy Pool Safety Cover Rectangle Inground Pool

Happybuy pool safety cover rectangle inground pool is made of high-quality PP material. It is soft and as tough as it is. It has a strong resistance to high temperature. Because it is environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, the offered product is ideal for home installation. Due to the included installation tools, the installing will be done faster. This cover also processed to rigorous testing during production therefore you can ensure product rigidity is optimal.

  • Durable and practical construction
  • Included installation tools for faster and easy to install
  • Porous, tight mesh

Blue Wave Oval Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Blue Wave Oval above ground pool winter cover has the strength and rigidity you can count on a pool cover. This cover is has UV protected features therefore it can last for years even in direct sunlight. The cover comes 7 sizes and different colors. Cover size comes with 3ft overlaps to ensure a proper fit to your pool. It helps stretching and ripping of covers. Winter cover can withstand worst winter conditions because of rugged polyethylene scrim and coating features. Also, the cover’s black underside blocks algae growth into the pool.

  • 8-year full quality service
  • Optimum strength and durability
  • Protects against sun, snow, ice and wind
  • Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost Right
    "Get updated swimming pool maintenance tips and reduce your cost"

Pool Cover: The Ultimate Guide

If you own a swimming pool, then you know what a hassle cleaning out dirt and debris from the pool can be.

You also know how dangerous the pool can be with small kids and pets running around.

A swimming pool cover, in this case, comes in handy as a safety accessory to protect children and unsuspecting visitors from accidental falls.

It also acts as a cover to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the pool.

Keep reading this guide to find out more about pool covers.

Benefits of using Pool Cover

There are three main advantages of using swimming pool cover:

Pool cover

Pool cover

1. Safety

If you have small kids or pets, watching them all the time and keeping them away from the pool can be a hard task.

A good swimming pool cover can help protect them from falling into the pool.

It acts as a guard in the absence of supervision.

Lots of pool covers are designed for this purpose.

They can support a kid’s weight and that of adults up to a specific limit.

Note that safety is not just for your kids or pets but also for the neighborhood kids and unsuspecting visitors.

2. Minimize Heat Loss

Heat loss from the pool

Heat loss from the pool

A considerable percentage of a swimming pool’s heat is lost through evaporation.

This results in increased cost of heating the pool to keep it warm and conducive for swimming, especially during colder months.

Pool covers, on the other hand, are designed to block evaporation, thus retaining a pool’s heat when covered.

This allows you to use the pool for a longer time.

It also reduces the amount of energy needed to heat the pool, thus reducing your heating costs and overall energy bills.

3. Maintain Chemical Balance

Heat isn’t the only thing lost during evaporation of the pool

Water and volatile pool treatment chemicals also evaporate.

This unhelpfully concentrates the chemical levels of the pool, making the swimming experience less enjoyable.

It also makes cleaning the pool and balancing its chemical levels more expensive.

See, even if you have a saltwater pool, the level of salinity will increase rapidly with dehydration.

A pool cover can thus prevent unnecessary double-spending and chemical correction by blocking evaporation and maintain the water level.

4. Prevent Growth Inside the Pool

Algae growing in a pool

Algae growing in a pool

Algae tend to thrive where there is sunlight.

Meaning, leaving your swimming pool uncovered for more extended periods encourages the growth and spread of algae, which can make the pool unsightly and unsafe.

A good pool cover, in this case, can help prevent a rapid take-over of your pool by algae, which creeps up the sides.

It will also save you on pool cleaners as well the time spent on chugging out never-ending algae.

· Less Maintenance

Pool covers generally save on cleaning time and maintenance costs as it protects the pool from dirt and debris.

The presence of pool covers also increases the lifespan of swimming pool equipment as their work tends to reduce significantly.

These are the five primary benefits of pool covers.

Note that each type of pool cover has its unique functions and benefits that you will learn about shortly in this guide.

Disadvantages of using Swimming Pool Cover

While pool covers offer many advantages, there are a few disadvantages to owning and installing one in your home.

Swimming pool cover

Swimming pool cover

1. Deter Visual Appeal

Swimming pools apart from providing an avenue of enjoyment and recreation, they are also a great aesthetic feature for your outdoors.

A clean and well-maintained swimming pool provides a visually appealing environment for a home.

When covered, the aesthetics are lost.

2. Tedious to Install and Uninstall

Manual rollover pool covers can be quite tasking when it comes to installing and uninstalling them from the pool.

Luckily, modern and semi-automatic pool covers provide a solution for this as all you need is a remote control or automated switch to cover and uncover the pool as required.

Best Pool Cover for Winter

As winter sets in, your biggest concern as a swimming pool owner would be winterizing your pool at the earliest.

There could indeed be nothing as bad as a frozen pool.

As a matter of fact, with waters turning to ice, your swimming pool could be in for some very substantial structural damages.

Swimming pool with ice

Swimming pool with ice

The good news, however, is that a proper type of winter pool cover can help you avert all these dangers.

A good winter cover for swimming pool can help protect your swimming pool from the harsh winter conditions.

It can also help keep your plans well posted for the springtime as well.

So which is the best winter pool cover?

Winter swimming pool cover

Winter swimming pool cover

Well, there are four main types of winter pool covers, namely; solid pool cover, mesh pool cover, solid safety pool, and mesh safety pool cover.

The best ones come with standard features that include the ability to withstand all kinds of harsh climate features like snow, rain, wind, and freezing temperatures.

These pool covers are all made of the most durable materials and are a real treasure for any swimming pool owner.

Without a good pool covering, you cannot begin to imagine the destruction that all the above elements can cause your pool.

Most of the excellent quality winter pool covers are double stitched to ensure better safety and keep waters warmer.

They also feature weather resistant coating on top to help keep away all the harshness from entering the pool.

Solid winter pool covers are made of tightly-woven polyethylene sheets and coated up with plastic.

These are relatively expensive yet a favorite choice of most swimming pool owners.

The reason for the popularity of solid covers during winter is the fact that they are easy to install.

They also restrict the entry of almost anything beneath the cover.

Here is the catch though, solid winter pool covers are quite heavy to manage.

Also, it requires a lot of time and effort to remove pile up snow and debris from the cover.

The mesh winter pool covers, on the other hand, have openings that make accumulated snowmelt and drop into the pool.

It also keeps large debris out of the pool.  Small debris and dirt can, however, find its way into a mesh-covered swimming pool giving you a hard time cleaning up during spring.

Compared to solid pool covers, the mesh winter covers are a bit cheaper and easier to install and maintain.

In other words, all of the available winter pool covers have their unique features, pros, and cons.

Therefore, the best cover will depend on your choice and budget.

Either way, they are all a great help for you to keep your pool well protected during the winter season.

Types of swimming pool covers

Swimming pool covers come in a variety of choices, each with its strengths and shortcomings.

They include:

I. Mesh Pool Cover

Mesh pool cover is like a fine net.

It has openings that allow water and fine waste to pass through but prohibits the entry of large debris.

Mesh pool cover

Mesh pool covers

When to use a Mesh Pool Cover

A mesh pool cover is ideal for winterization of the pool as it will help protect the pool and its parts from the harsh winter elements.

The cover is also suitable for use where safety is needed, especially if you need to limit unsupervised entry into the pool.


The fabric of a mesh pool cover is usually a unique blend of polypropylene.

Polyvinyl and polyethylene are also popularly used to make mesh pool covers.

However, polyethylene blends are more popular as these are impervious to chlorine to mildew-a property that is critical of a good performing swimming pool cover.

The mesh materials used in this case are often long-lasting durable.

They are also strong enough to support up to 485 lbs of weight yet light enough to remove from the pool within minutes.

How Mesh Pool Cover Work

Mesh covers are designed to allow water to pass through them but restrict debris and humans from sinking into the pool.

During winter, the cover traps ice on the top, allowing it to melt and drip into the pool like water.

This prevents the accumulation of the ice on the pool, which could destroy critical parts of the swimming pool, such as the pump, filter, lining, etc.

The openings on the cover are tightly woven to disallow debris from getting through and clogging the filter during winter.

As a safety cover, mesh pool covers, as said, are firmly knitted to support the weight of an entire family.

Meaning, mesh-covered swimming pools are less prone to accidental falls and drowning.

Pros of Mesh Pool Cover

  • Lighter
  • Easier to install and uninstall
  • Less subject to wind damage
  • Relatively cheaper to buy and maintain
  • More durable
  • Does not cause drowning risks from puddled water

Cons Mesh Pool Cover

  • Allow passage of light into the water which promotes the growth of algae
  • The spacing of the straps on mesh covers dramatically affects their overall strength
  • Pool requires more cleaning after winter as the openings on the cover allow fine sediments to pass-through
  • Presence of openings allows for some amount of evaporation which lowers water levels and also chemical stability

II. Net Pool Cover

Net pool cover

Net pool cover – Photo courtesy: Net Guard

Anet pool cover, also known as a leaf net pool cover, is just what it sounds like, a net-like safety apparatus that covers your pool.

When to use Net Pool Cover

While a net pool cover will not prevent fine sediments from entering the pool, it is an excellent solution for winter and summer when your pool is not used.

With this type of cover, kids cannot fall in.

The net, however, comes off quickly enough to provide you easy access to your swimming pool.

Also, a net pool cover is handy when you have lots of trees around your pool area.

Decaying leaves in your pool can create an unpleasant smell and even encourage algae growth.

As such, it is essential to prevent leaves from getting into the pool in the first place, which is precisely what a net pool cover does.

For better usability and performance, make sure to choose a net cover that has small enough weaves to prevent accidents.

Also, ensure that the cover is installed with proper tension.

Net Pool Cover Material

Net pool covers are made of durable polyethylene netting with small holes.

Some are made with polyurethane that makes them durable and able to catch large debris and kids that fall on top of it.

How Net Pool Cover Works

Net swimming pool covers are made up of fibers that form a net.

These fibers are usually not dense enough to hold an adult’s weight but can comfortably support smaller children who fall on top.

The openings on net covers are usually small enough that children will not be able to fit their heads or most body parts through.

Thus, it is secure enough to prevent kids from falling and drowning in the pool.

Pros of Net Pool Covers

  • Easy to store out of the way
  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Easy to remove and replace
  • Lighter to handle
  • Provides a safety barrier for youngsters who might not be able to swim

Cons of Net Pool Cover

  • Does not keep out the trash and other types of debris
  • Cannot be used solo for winterization

III. Solar Pool Covers

A solar pool cover is a type of cover designed with solar heating capabilities.

When to use a Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool covers can absorb heat from the sun then transfer it to the swimming pool.

This helps to reduce the energy costs used to heat the pool in colder days.

So if you or your family enjoy swimming in warm water, a solar cover is an ideal choice for you.

Also, when used in tandem with your swimming pool heater, a solar cover makes a noticeable difference.

It generates heat faster, and the temperature is not easily lost to environmental elements.

Solar Pool Cover Material

Solar pool covers feature bubble wrap fabric that helps in the absorption and transfer of heat into the swimming pool.

The fabric is often a blend of polypropylene, polyvinyl, or sometimes polyethylene.

How Solar Pool Cover Works

You already know that solar pool covers are designed to heat the pool using solar energy.

But how do they do this?

Well, the cover does this absorbing solar energy and transferring it onto the surface of the pool.

Remember, 90% of a pool’s heat is lost through evaporation of surface water.

An excellent solar cover, therefore, helps to reduce this dramatically by preventing surface water evaporation.

Their primary purpose is to keep the pool warmer for longer by creating an insulating barrier between the pool’s surface and the surrounding air.

In addition to this, the cover also helps to retain the heat from the sun and heat generated by the pool heater during the cooler nights.

By doing this, a solar pool cover can keep your pool warm throughout.

This saves you money as you don’t have to keep reheating it anytime you need to swim.

Pros of Solar Pool Cover

  • Saves you money spent on heating the pool
  • Keeps the pool clean by protecting it from dirt and debris
  • Lengthens the pool usage from spring to fall
  • It is lightweight and less expensive
  • Helps to cut down on chemical usage
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reduces water loss caused by evaporation
  • Gives your pool heater additional leverage for maintaining pool heat

Cons of Solar Pool Cover

  • Most solar covers are relatively thin thus cannot support human weight
  • Most of them are free-floating therefore not useful in maintaining a clean pool
  • You’ll need to replace it every couple of years

IV. Above Ground Pool Cover

Above ground swimming pool cover

Above ground swimming pool cover

Above ground pool covers are designed for pools that are sitting above the ground.

While such pools are generally safer in terms of keeping children and pets out, they are not entirely maintenance-free.

In this case, above ground pool covers help to keep dirt and debris out of such pools.

They also help to prevent temperature fluctuations and bacterial infestation.

When to use Above Ground Pool Covers

Use an above ground pool cover during winter to protect the pool from harsh winter elements.

On regular days, you can use the cover to keep the pool clean by protecting it from leaves, trash, and other debris.

Note that there are different types of above ground pool covers.

They include the mesh, net, and solid above ground pool covers.

Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages.

So you’ll need to analyze your options carefully before making a decision.

Above Pool Cover Material

Each type of above ground pool cover is made of different materials.

Mesh above ground pool covers, for instance, are made of tightly woven mesh materials, usually polyethylene or polypropylene.

Solid above ground pool covers are made of thick vinyl or solid plastic material that can keep anything from falling into the pool.

Pros of Above Ground Pool Cover

  • Saves money on heating, maintenance and cleaning costs
  • Lessen the number of chemicals needed by the pools
  • Reduces water and chemical loss caused by evaporation
  • Easy to install and remove

V. Inground Pool Cover

In ground pool cover

In-ground pool cover

Inground pool covers are meant for pools built in-ground.

These are often designed for safety and protecting the pool from dirt and debris.

They are available in a range of styles that include the mesh, net, solar, and sliding deck inground pool covers, etc.

Inground Pool Cover Material

Depending on the design and style of the cover, inground pool covers can be made of fine mesh, net, vinyl, or solid plastic material.

How do they Work?

Inground pool covers work differently depending on the design and style of the cover.

For example, solar pool covers are designed to keep the pool warm by absorbing heat from the sun and transferring it to the pool.

Mesh covers keep the pool clean by keeping out dirt and debris.

They also prevent accidental falls and drowning.

Solid pool covers, on the other hand, protect the pool from harsh winter elements by keeping out snow, dirt, and debris.

Pros of In-ground Pool Cover

  • Provide safety for kids and pets
  • Reduce the need for pool maintenance
  • Protects the pool from dirt and debris
  • Save on energy
  • Easy to remove and replace

Cons of In-ground Pool Cover

  • More expensive than above ground pool covers
  • Not feasible in all applications

VI. Pool Enclosure

A pool enclosure is an architectural structure designed for outdoor swimming pools.

It is more like a roof or housing for an outdoor swimming pool.

These enclosure are available in two styles; retractable pool enclosure that is not permanent and a more durable design known as a fixed swimming pool enclosure.

Material for Pool Enclosure

Swimming pool enclosures are mainly made of fiberglass material or polycarbonate.

The enclosure frames are often made of stainless steel and sometimes aluminum for increased strength and durability.

How Swimming Pool Enclosure Works

A pool enclosure works the same way as a roofing system.

It covers the pool area keeping it safe from weather elements and unauthorized access.

Pros of Pool Enclosure

  • Prevents unauthorized access to the pool
  • Protects kids and pets against accidental falls and drowning
  • Increases property value
  • Helps to keep a pool much cleaner
  • Help protect you and your family from shifty weather when in the pool

Cons of Swimming Pool Enclosure

  • Costly to install and maintain
  • Tedious installation and maintenance processes

VII. Thermal Pool Cover

Thermal pool cover

 Thermal pool cover – Photo courtesy: Automated Aquatics

A thermal pool cover is often confused with a solar pool cover, but the two are very different.

Solar covers heat water.

They also retain the heat of the water by preventing evaporation of the surface water.

Thermal covers, on the other hand, do not heat water.

They only retain pool heat.

When to use a Thermal Pool Cover

A thermal pool cover is handy for owners with indoor pools.

Heating an indoor pool every time can be quite costly.

A thermal cover can save you on heating costs by preserving the pool heat.

You can heat the pool today, use it, then cover it and use it again tomorrow without having to heat it again.

Thermal Pool Cover Material

Being that they are designed to insulate pool heat, thermal covers are made of very thick and durable materials.

Thick polyethylene material is often used in this case.

The material is usually waterproof to avoid water from sipping through and ensure complete insulation.

Most of the thermal pool cover materials also come with a UV proof coating that blocks direct rays from the sun.

This way, the cover can protect the pool from chemical imbalances, water loss, and algae.

Pros of Thermal Pool Cover

  • Help save on pool heating costs
  • Keeps the pool clean by protecting it from dirt and debris
  • Prevents growth and spread of algae
  • Prevents water and chemical loss caused by evaporation
  • Lengthens your swimming time

Cons of Thermal Pool Cover

  • Does not heat the pool
  • Does not prevent accidental falls and drowning
  • Relatively costly
  • Cannot be installed singlehandedly
  • You’ll need to replace it every couple of years

VIII. Sliding Deck Pool Cover

Sliding pool cover

Sliding deck pool cover

A sliding deck pool cover is a unique type of pool cover that is built permanently on the pool.

The cover is meant to stay on the pool throughout all seasons.

You can only open it when you need to use it and close when the pool is not in use.

Opening and closing this kind of pool cover is by way of sliding it to one or opposite sides, depending on its design.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can have your sliding deck cover automated for easy usability.

Sliding Deck Pool Cover Material

Unlike all the above mentioned swimming pool covers that are commonly made of plastic or vinyl, sliding deck covers are made of wood.

These pool covers are made of solid, durable wood that is both water and UV resistant.

Pros of Sliding Deck Pool Cover

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Efficiently protects kids and pets from accidental falls and drowning
  • Keep everything including dirt and debris away from the pool
  • Provides additional relational space in the home
  • Perfect for winterizing the pool
  • Reduce pool maintenance costs
  • Eliminates evaporation
  • Very strong and durable

Cons of Sliding Deck Pool Cover

  • Very costly and cumbersome to install and maintain
  • Does not heat nor prevent heat loss
  • Tedious to remove and replace, unless it is automated

As you can see, there are so many options when it comes to swimming pool covers.

Therefore, you need to take time and explore your options before selecting a pool cover that’s is suitable for your needs and budget.

Cost of Swimming Pool Cover

The price of swimming pool covers varies according to one’s needs.

However, to get a rough idea, you can break down the cost of pool covers, as shown below:

i. Above Ground Pool Covers

Above ground swimming pool cover

Above ground swimming pool cover

Above ground pool covers are readily available.

This is because there isn’t so much deviation regarding style and design.

Most above ground pools are regularly shaped and come in standard widths.

For these reasons, finding a suitable pool cover for such pools is easy.

You can easily find basic winter pool covers costing anything between USD 20 to USD 1000+ depending on the model complexity.

Simple solid and mesh pool covers are cheaper and don’t go higher than a few hundred dollars.

Hydraulic or automatic pool covers are, on the other, quite expensive.

They, however, provide excellent value for money.

Solar and thermal pool covers are also an option, as you already know.

These can cost you as much as three hundred to four hundred dollars.

Those that come with automatic retraction cost higher-almost double the price.

ii. In-Ground Pool Covers

In ground swimming pool cover

In-ground swimming pool cover

In-ground pool covers are a bit harder to price.

This is because they are often customized to the shape, size, and style of the pool.

If you have a regular shape in-ground pool- rectangle, square, and round-a readymade cover will come at a reasonable price.

For this, you can get a quality pool cover at no more than a few hundred dollars.

Custom pool covers, however, may set you back as much as five hundred dollars depending on the design complexity.

Safety pool covers designed to support as much as 500lbs. or more usually start at USD 1000.

But as you already know, these are a good investment, especially for owners who have small kids and pets running around the pool area.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to the cost of pool covers is that you will often pay more for an in-ground pool cover.

So the best way to get an accurate quote is to consult with your local pool supply store.

Best Pool Cover for Inground Pool

The best pool cover for an inground pool depends on several factors.

These include your pool’s design and your unique requirements.

You need to factor in the price of the cover as well as what you intend to achieve with the cover.

If its safety, reducing heat and water loss or conserving chemicals, etc.

Also, you need to determine whether you need automation or no. and generally, the usability of the cover.

How easy it is to install and remove the cover from the pool, among other things.

How to Choose Swimming Pool Cover for Above Ground Pools

Understand that there are differences between an inground pool cover and an above ground pool.

There are also different pool cover considerations.

For above-ground pools, consider the following elements to help you get a suitable cover:

  • Pool design
  • Water levels
  • Type of cover
  • Safety
  • Repair and maintenance

How to Choose Best Pool Cover

Swimming pool Cover

 Swimming pool cover

No doubt, swimming pool covers come in a great variety of shapes, sizes, and general types.

As noted earlier in this guide, there are solid pool covers that are meant to protect the pool from dirt and debris.

There are also mesh and net pool covers that are largely safety covers for where there are kids and pets.

There are also automatic and manual covers, as well as thermal covers that can heat and retain a pool’s heat.

This is to say; you need to choose a pool cover that’s suitable for the shape, size, and type of your swimming pool.

You also need to select the cover, depending on your family’s needs.

That said, here are a few things to look for when choosing a pool cover:

a) Quality

Never compromise on quality when selecting a swimming pool cover.

Choose a cover that is strong and sturdy.

This will be able to keep your pool clean as well as provide the needed safety for kids and pets.

b) Compliance

As a safety accessory, a good swimming pool cover should conform to the given state and local law requirements.

Note that different municipalities have different rules and regulations concerning pool safety.

Some areas have set requirements for different sized, and the shape of pools be covered anytime they are not in use.

There are set limits for the size and shape of the pool to be covered.

Other areas have rules and regulations that pool covers and installation must meet.

Therefore, you must confirm with your local authorities first on the applicable rules to be able to buy a compliant pool cover.

c) Warranty

Chose a pool cover with an excellent manufacturer’s warranty.

A good warranty should be no less than 2 years unlimited.

The limited warranty ought to be longer than two years.

This guarantees the quality and safety of cover for a lengthy amount of time.

d) Size

It is critical to choose the right size of a pool cover.

Ensure that the cover you buy is a little larger than your swimming pool.

A good overlap length will enable you to properly secure the cover without having to worry about insufficient coverage.

e) Parts and Accessories

Ensure that your chosen swimming pool covers come with sufficient arts and accessories for the effective use and maintenance of the cover.

Also, note that manufacturers tend to supply large covers with anchors for every 4ft of cover.

This helps to provide sufficient anchoring for the cover to ensure lasting security when in use.

How to Install Swimming Pool Cover

Here are a few simple steps for correctly installing a pool cover for your inground or above ground pool.

a) In-ground Pool

  • Unpack the pool cover from the manufacturer package. Read the manual for any instructions on handling etc.
  • Ensure the pool water is at an acceptable level, then lay the cover flat on top of the pool. Lay the cover with the dark side facing down. You can use a roller to lay the cover or ask for help to spread the cover manually
  • Smooth out the cover using your pool broom to ensure it lays well
  • Trim the cover to get the right fit. Use the pool perimeter as a template for trimming. Also, use sharp scissors for trimming. Remember to leave the right amount of overlap on the cover for anchoring it down
  • Smooth out the edges using the pool broom and cut some more if necessary
  • Secure the cover using clips, or provided pool cover anchors

b) Above Ground Pool

Pool cover installation for an above ground swimming pool is quite simple.

It is more like putting a shower cap over the perimeter.

So all you need to do is the following:

  • Unpack the cover and lay it flat on the pool with the dark side facing down
  • Smooth out the cover using the pool broom and weave the cover strings through grommets around the cover
  • When done with the weaving, pull both ends of the cable close together to ensure the cable is tightened correctly
  • If the material starts to gather, walk around the pool and position it again neatly
  • Note that it is normal for small amounts of water to seep into the cover’s surface after installation. In this case, don’t worry about it as it will only be for a short while. But I’d advise that you maintain the water level below the skimmer to avoid this
  • After everything is done, do some additional sealing to ensure the cover in securely in place and not susceptible to wind damage.

Swimming Pool Cover Maintenance Tips

Swimming pool cover maintenance can be made easier by following these simple tips:

  • Regularly clean off accumulating debris from the cover to prevent it from weighing down the cover and damaging it
  • Always wait for the ice to thaw before removing it from the cover. Some ice can have sharp edges which may destroy the cover when removed in a hurry
  • Always secure the pool cover with proper tools and accessories to ensure its effectiveness
  • Keep pool chemical levels at an acceptable level to avoid damaging the cover
  • Avoid using harsh detergents to clean the pool cover. Use detergents specially made for pool cover material
  • Secure the pool cover in place at all times when in use. A saggy cover can easily sink into the pool, billow, or get damaged by the winds
  • Always store the pool cover in a cool, dry and safe place
  • Never store a dirty pool cover. Dirt and grime can weaken the folds and attachments of the cover
  • Prevent water from accumulating on your cover for long periods. This can damage the cover
  • Regularly clean out the tracks for automatic pool covers
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions for caring and marinating the cover. This will keep you within the warranty limits.

Swimming pool cover

 Swimming pool cover

Features of Retractable Pool Cover

Retractable pool covers are a hot trend right now for leisure pool owners as they are convenient and easy to use.

They are also aesthetically appealing compared to other alternatives.

Some of its features include:

  • Custom built to fit the unique shape and size of the pool
  • Operate by a simple button push
  • Made of high-grade materials
  • Tested and certified to meet all standards for safety pool covers
  • Comes in three track options; top track, under the track and recessed track
  • Available in a range of colors that can either be opaque or transparent

Automatic pool cover

Automatic pool cover – Photo courtesy: Royal swimming pools

Swimming Pool Cover Cleaning Process

Swimming pool covers must be well cleaned after use and maintained just like other swimming pool supplies.

To clean the cover, here are a few steps to follow:

Step 1: Start by removing any fallen leaves, rocks, twigs, and other debris that may be mixed with pile-up water on the cover.

You can use a skimmer pole for this task. Skimmer poles are available at any pool supply store.

Step 2: Next, pump away the accumulated water from the pool cover. Use a pool cover pump for this or a hose pipe if you don’t have a pool cover pump. Ensure that there is no leftover debris in the water before pumping. This is to prevent clogging of the pump.

Step 3: Now remove the cover from the pool and lay it flat on the ground. You can use a pool cover roller for this. Or, get the help of two or three persons to remove the cover and lay it on the ground manually.

Step 4: use your garden hose to clean the cover. Clean it until there is no dirt, debris, or grime, and the cover is entirely dirt free. Use clean cold water with pool cover detergent.

Step 5: once clean, leave the pool cover to dry in a warm and airy place.

Step 6: before storing it, dust the pool cover with talcum powder and fold it well. The talcum powder will help absorb any remaining moisture from the cover fabric and prevent it from sticking together.

Step 7: store the cover in a cool, dry place.

How to Protect Swimming Pool Cover from Billowing

The best way to protect your pool cover from being blown away by the wind or filling with air is to use water tubes, clips, or good quality seals.

These help to secure the overlap length of the pool and prevent the cover from being blown off.

Water bags or pool cover tubes are generally, the best remedy for pool cover billowing.

Average Weight Swimming Pool Covers can hold

The statutory weight cap of a swimming pool cover is 485 lbs.

This is considered the weight of a child and two adults in case of a rescue operation.

Some safety pool covers are designed to hold more weight and some less depending on the size and use of the pool.

How long Pool Covers Last

Solar swimming pool cover

Solar swimming pool cover

The lifespan of swimming pool covers varies greatly depending on the cover type, material, and brand.

Below market priced pool covers don’t usually last long.

Some go for just one season, and they start wearing and tearing.

Quality covers that are competitively priced can last longer, up to 7 years of continued usage.

The best way to determine the durability of your swimming pool cover is to check the warranty.

Also, check the warranty fine print for precise details on what it covers and whatnot.

Keep in mind that some warranties can be deceptive.

They may appear long but have hidden terms and conditions that may deter their viability.

Remember, swimming pool cover warranties don’t cover misuse.

So you need to be careful when using your swimming pool cover.

This includes installation, retraction, cleaning, storage, and general maintenance.

How Swimming Pool Enclosure compare to Swimming Pool Cover

Swimming pool enclosure

Swimming pool enclosure

Swimming pool cover

Swimming pool cover

Swimming pool enclosures differ from swimming pool covers.

Enclosures don’t just cover and protect the pool area, but also allow you to swim and bath while the enclosure is in its covered position.

Like pool covers, swimming pool enclosures come in several different forms.

There are permanent enclosures, temporary enclosures, retractable enclosures, and the latest being the sectional telescopic canopy.

Retractable and telescopic enclosures are designed to cover the pool during colder weather and retract to leave the pool uncovered during warmer days.

These types of pool covers can be automatic, semi-automatic, or manual.

All sections of a swimming pool enclosure are made of toughened glass or a Perspex like material.

This material is often held in a lightweight frame that slides over the perimeter of the pool.

The height of a pool enclosure is usually sufficient for an adult to wall under without stooping, and most models will have manually adjustable vents.

Accessories to use Alongside Swimming Pool Cover

Various accessories can help the swimming pool covers function more effectively.

These include:

a) Pool Cover Pump

A swimming pool cover pump will quickly and conveniently drain any pile-up water off the surface of your pool cover.

The pump, in this regard, is a convenient accessory that saves you effort and time.

b)  Pool Cover Reel

A pool cover reel is used to roll on and off a swimming pool cover from a pool.

It makes the process of installing and retracting a pool easier and faster.

Pool cover reel can be manual or automatic.

And its size is often dependent on the size and shape of the swimming pool.

c)  Pool Cover Clips

Swimming pool cover clips are common among above ground pool owners.

The clips are used to clip the pool cover in place around the perimeter of the pool.

d) Pool Cover Tubes

Also known as water tube bags, these are attached to the edges of the pool cover.

They help secure the cover in place and seal it to prevent it from being blown off by strong winds.

e) Pool Cover Anchors

Pool cover anchors, often supplied with the cover, are similarly used to secure the cover in place.

Unlike the clips, tubes, and seals, cover anchors are drilled into the cover, and the ground and the cover ropes tied around them.

f) Pool Cover Seal

Swimming pool cover seals are mostly used for above ground pools.

The seals are more like large rolls of plastic cellophane that are used to make an airtight seal on the edges of the above-ground swimming pool cover.

Its primary function is to secure the cover and prevent it from billowing.

How much Energy Swimming Pool Covers can save

Covering your swimming pool is vital as it saves you on energy costs as well as evaporation.

According to statistics, covering your swimming pool when in use can help save 50-70% of energy.

The exact amount of energy that can be saved will, of course, depend on so many things but mostly on the type of pool cover you use.

Remember that there are so many types of swimming pool covers on the market.

And, the best cover for your pool will depend on a host of factors such as price, size, and shape of the pool, environmental condition, etc.

Energy in swimming pool

Energy in swimming pool

When you’re looking into buying or replacing your swimming pool cover, you have to consider these factors.

You also have to consider how often you will be using your pool to save energy and conserve water.

An essential factor amongst all is the climatic condition of your area.

Warm areas may not require frequent pool heating as the temperatures and sun is always much greater.

So, in this case, solar and thermal covers are not that much needed.

But in cold areas, a solar pool cover may come in handy, especially when you need to recoup the energy savings of your cover.

Colder climates tend to have shorter swimming seasons.

In this regard, it is essential to cover your pool anytime it’s not in use.

To lower your energy bills further, you always need to keep the pool covered at night.

This is because, at the time, average temperatures tend to be much lower, leading to an increase in the rate of evaporation.

When the pool is left open at night, the water will evaporate faster, causing energy loss as well as increasing heater bills.

The color or transparency of your pool cover also plays a significant role in your energy savings.

Several reports indicate that outdoor swimming pools absorb up to 85% of the sun’s energy onto the pool surface.

A transparent pool cover, in this case, may reduce a pool’s solar energy absorption by up to 15% while an opaque one can reduce this by up to 40%.

Solid pool covers are most preferred for energy conservation.

These are made of solid vinyl materials that leave no part of the pool surface exposed and susceptible to evaporation.

Choosing Swimming Pool Cover Material

Swimming pool covers are made with different materials that range in thickness, color, bubble design, and durability.

Swimming pool cover material

Swimming pool cover material

1. Thickness

Pool cover materials come in varying thicknesses classified as a grade.

The grade refers to the material’s thickness in Microns (μm).

For instance, 400 grade refers to a material that has a 400μm thickness.

So what difference does the thickness make?

Well, the thickness of a material defines its quality and durability.

A thicker material provides greater resistance to the oxidizing effects of the sanitizers of the pool.

In this regard, always opt for a pool cover material that is no less than 400μm.

If you’re not using a pool cover reel, then don’t pass the 500μm mark.

2. Color

While color is often a matter of personal preference, it has a significant influence on the performance of your pool cover.

This is why pool cover manufacturers have standard pool cover colors to ensure optimal performance.

There are two types of pool covers concerning color; absorption cover material and transmission cover materials.

Absorption covers are conductive.

They use dark pigments to absorbs the sun’s heat and pass it to the pool’s surface.

The advantage of this type of cover material is that it efficiently inhibits the growth of algae.

It, however, does not provide excellent pool heating efficiency.

Transmission pool covers are transparent.

These allow the sun’s heat to pass through the cover and heat the pool directly.

Compared to the absorption covers, transmission cover provides better pool heating efficiency.

However, they have limited capability to inhibit algae growth.

3. Bubble Design

Bubble design must be chosen carefully, especially for solar pool covers.

Understand that some bubble design poses some inherent weaknesses that may limit the longevity of the cover.

Generally, the best pool cover material will depend on the vital issue you need to address.

Is it pool heating, algae inhibition, chemical preservation, temperature increase, or durability?

Why use Swimming Pool Cover Roller

Swimming pool cover roller

Swimming pool cover roller

While a pool cover roller is not a must-have for swimming pool cover maintenance, it is a great add on.

A pool cover roller or reel can help make handling and operating your swimming pool cover much easier.

You can use it to wound up the pool cover, so you don’t have to fold and store it in a store or anything like that.

More importantly, the roller provides for easy installation of the cover over the pool.

The retraction of the cover is equally easy and fast.

This saves a lot of effort and time.

A pool cover roller allows only one person to do the roll-on and off of the pool cover, which makes it more convenient.

Note that there are different types of pool cover rollerson in the market.

There are standard manually operated models that you to crank up in different directions when you need to cover and uncover the pool.

There are also automatic pool cover rollers that automatically retract the cover from the pool.

These are known to be more convenient as they save on time and effort.

An automatic pool cover roller operates on electricity and automatically retracts with the push of a button.

This added convenience, please note, often comes at an added cost, which makes the rollers more expensive.

As you consider getting a swimming pool cover roller, you also have to choose between a fixed or mobile reel.

Both types have their pros and cons.

Nonetheless, you have to consider the size of your pool area as well as which reel models will be convenient for your needs.

Also, you have to consider durability, stability, and storage, among other factors.

How to Measure Swimming Pool for Pool Cover Installation

You need to measure your swimming pool systematically to get the correct measurements for your pool cover.

To measure, begin by taking photos of your swimming pool at every angle.

These photos are going to help as you will submit these alongside the measures for pool cover customization.

So take as many photos as possible and ensure that you cover any unique features of the pool.

Next, begin measuring by sizing the widest and longest edges of the pool, regardless of its shapes.

For oddly shaped pools, treat them as a rectangle to get the right dimensions.

Measure all opposite points of the pool until you’re done with the entire perimeter.

As you do this, take note of ladders and handrails, especially those that are permanent.

To need to be precise with these features in your measurements as the cover will most likely go around it.

Also, ensure that for each dimension, you leave an allowance of at least 15 cm.

This will help you get a good size pool cover with desirable overlap.

Note that most pool cover manufacturers offer order forms with instructions on how to measure pools of varying sizes and shapes accurately.

If you’re ordering a custom swimming pool cover, then such a form would come in handy.

Swimming pool dimensions and designs

Swimming pool dimensions and designs

How Automatic Pool Cover compare to Manual Pool Cover

Swimming pool covers come in generally three varieties; manual, semi-automatic, and automatic.

i. Manual Pool Covers

The manual variety is the covers that you pull by hand on and off the swimming pool.

They come in very of types that include the mesh, net, solar, thermal, and solid pool covers.

ii. Semi-automatic Pool Covers

Apart from the manual coverings, there are also semi-automatic pool covers.

These are motor-driven.

They come with a reel system that uses electric power to roll and unroll the cover.

A semi-automatic swimming pool cover is referred to as semi-automatic as it requires an operator on either side of the roller.

The role of the operator is to guide the reel to roll the cover on or off the pool properly.

Note also that semi-automatic covers are usually mounted on rollers.

The rollers come with wheels that can be convenient and needs strong anchoring.

If not firmly secured, the wheeled reel can easily roll onto the pool when strong winds come up.

As a result, it is often recommended that you support such reels with a heavy object like a brick.

iii. Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic swimming pool covers, unlike the manual and semi-automatic covers, are usually permanently installed.

They automatically cover the pool and retract with just a single push of a button.

Note that an automatic pool covers usually serves as the pool solar, winter, and safety cover.

Compared to the other two varieties, automatic swimming pool covers are more convenient, faster.

They are also quite durable and versatile.

However, they are expensive to install as well as maintain.

These covers also tend to break down so often and thus may need frequent repairs.

Swimming Pool Covers Safety Tips

Swimming pool covers present a host of benefits.

From keeping kids and pets safe from drowning to saving you clean up time.

They even help converse energy, while others can warm your pool.

But despite all this, pool coverings can present risks, particularly to the users.

So to keep your family and visitors safe, keep these tips in mind:

  • Ensure that your safety pool cover has a safety label. This guarantees that the cover meets all the requirements for swimming pool safety.

That the covering is designed with the intent to reduce risk of drowning bypassing testing tests for weight support, perimeter deflection, and surface drainage

  • Never mistake a solar or thermal cover for a pool safety cover as these are not meant to support human weight
  • If using a solar or thermal cover, take additional precautions to keep kids and pets away
  • Never let kids play on top of swimming pool covers, in as much as they are sturdy enough to hold the weight of children
  • Always use a pool cover pump to keep rainwater from weighing down your cover and causing it to sag or tear
  • Check your swimming pool cover regularly for signs of wear or tear and repair or replace them as necessary
  • Always read the manufacturer instructions beforehand to ensure safe installation and usage of the pool cover
  • Ensure that your pool cover is sizable enough to cover the pool snugly
  • Always check and verify that the cover is correctly and securely attached/installed
  • If using a solar or thermal cover, you may want to install a net cover on top to prevent drowning
  • During winter, a pool fence is also recommended aside from the pool cover to ensure maximum security
  • Always keep the cover as clean as possible when in use
  • Prevent water from accumulating for long periods on top of your cover as this can make it unsafe

How to Automate Swimming Pool Cover

Automatic swimming pool cover

Automatic swimming pool cover

Through the help of a pool service professional, know that swimming pool cover automation can undoubtedly help make usability and maintenance easier.

The installation of automatic swimming pool covers-whether temporary or permanent – helps assure that pool maintenance is efficiently addressed.

It also makes removing and replacing the pool cover much easier.

With an automatic swimming pool cover, you don’t need to be at the pool to deploy or retract the cover.

You can easily protect your pool with a single push of a button.

The same applies for when you need to remove the cover and use the pool.

For complete automation, you can opt for an automatic reel that rolls the cover on and off the pool as needed.

Or, you can opt for the sliding deck covers, which are more permanent and fully automated.

In the latter case, you can opt for single remote control or internal switch that you operate from the house.

The best way to go about this is to discuss your options with your pool service professional.

He will be able to explain your options.

An expert will help you understand the features, benefits as well as help you determine the best automatic pool cover choice for your needs and budget.

How to Remove Swimming Pool Cover Laden with Water or Snow

Pool cover laden with snow and water

Pool cover laden with snow and water

A pool cover laden with water or snow needs to be handled with care.

The cover tends to be heavy, and improper handling could lead to damages.

Thus, it is advisable that when at the opening of your pool, you remove the cover, clean it up, fold it, and store it away.

In the case where your cover is laden with water, you need first to remove any dirt or debris that may be mixed in the water.

Then, use a pool cover pump to pump the water away from the cover.

Try to remove as much of the debris as possible first before pumping water off.

Pumping off the water that is mixed with leaves or fallen tree branches can clog the swimming pool cover pump. So it’s essential to remove them first.

Once you’ve filtered off the water, you can proceed to pump it away from the cover.

If you don’t have a swimming pool cover pump, you can use an ordinary garden hose as a makeshift pump.

How do you do this?

Well, find a good enough garden hose and sink the whole of it under the water on the cover.

Let the hose with water.

When you start noticing air bubbles coming from either end of the hose, know that it is filled.

So once filled, hold and cover one end of the hose with your finger.

Pull out the hose, set it somewhere away from the pool and then release the end you are holding.

When you do this, water will start flowing continuously out of it.

Please note that the hose option can be quite tedious.

So I’d advise that you get the right swimming pool cover pump for this kind of task.

There are a lot of suitable inexpensive swimming pool cover pumps in the market today.

If removing ice, you need to do this carefully as the ice may have sharp edges that can damage the cover.

My advice: wait for the ice to thaw then pump off all the water with a pool cover pump.

Once you’re done cleaning your pool cover of all the water or ice, you can proceed to clean it before storage.

As you do this, make sure that you use a good cleaner that’s specially made for swimming pool cover materials.

This will help lengthen the life of your pool cover by removing all dirt and grime from the fabric.

Optimal way of Heating Pools with Swimming Pool Cover

Your pool is fun to use during the summers as the sun often shines bright with the temperatures on the rise.

But things change when winter kicks in as the sun’s warmth disappear, making your swimming pool less enjoyable.

Your concern at this time is how to keep your pool warm and viable for use.

Luckily today, there are solar pool heaters designed for this particular purpose.

Swimming pool covers are the most profound ways of heating swimming pools as they are less costly and easy to use too.

Heat transfer in pools

Heat transfer in pools

A solar pool cover is one option you can consider.

All you need to do with this is to lie the pool cover on the top of your pool.

It will then absorb solar energy and, in turn, use it to warm your pool.

Also, the cover is thick. And as it lays on the pool, it works like the atmosphere of the earth.

The warmth inside the pool cannot go out.

And even though outside temperatures might be pretty cold, you will find it hot and warm inside the water.

Another pool cover option for heating your swimming pool is a thermal cover.

This type of pool cover works a lot like the solar cover.

However, it does not heat the pool but retains its heat throughout the cold night.

So, for instance, if you heat your pool during the day, you can cover it at night using a thermal cover to prevent any heat loss.

Testing Quality of Swimming Pool Cover

Quality control is vital when thinking of a swimming pool cover.

You have to ensure that the pool cover you buy is of desirable quality by doing the following things:

  • Verify the quality of the fabric used. It has to be strong and durable yet light enough to remove and replace the pool
  • Check that the stitching used is also of excellent quality. This will ensure the longevity of the cover
  • Confirm the size and shape of the cover are right for your pool. You don’t want to buy a cover that is too big or too small to cover your pool
  • You also check the functionality, especially if you’re purchasing a solar, thermal, or automatic swimming pool cover. You need to inspect all functional features of this type of covers to ensure that they work as needed
  • More importantly, make sure that the cover meets all the safety and quality regulations. The cover should meet all the requirements of your local area as well as the set industry standards for swimming pool covers. Ask for quality certifications to ascertain this fact

Generally, you need to buy a swimming pool cover that is up to your’s and the industry standards.


To cap everything, a pool cover is your best tool to protect your swimming pool.

It can reduce the possibility of drowning as well as ease the maintenance of your pool.

A pool cover, generally, is a must-have for every owner.

And, depending on your needs, desires, and budget, the options are many for the perfect cover.

So what are you waiting for, contact us today for the right pool cover for your swimming pool.