The Best 30 Above Ground Pool of 2020 for Backyards

Above Ground Pool will help you and your family enjoy summer in the cool, refreshing waters of your own backyard.

However, it is not easy to find the best above ground pool ideal for your backyard and budget.

SunPool World is ready to help you.

We have research the best 20 above ground pool and kit in the market today! Navigate a lot of factors choosing the perfect one for you. Read on to see the latest price and details that will fit your bill.

Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool

Intex above ground swimming pool is made with a sturdy metal frame. It will make the summer season extend into your backyard. The pool is an affordable alternative to more complicated set-up walled pools, inflatable models. It can be easily set up in the garden. Intex above ground swimming pool measures 12ft x 30 inches makes it a perfect size for backyard water fun. It can hold up 1,718 gallons of water. The water can be easily filled in the pool you can use garden hose. With drain plug access, draining the water system is easier and faster. Your whole family can enjoy summer season longer with proper, new and durable above ground swimming pool from Intex.

  • Made with sturdy metal frame
  • Size: 12ft x 30-inch perfect size for backyard
  • Affordable and easy-to-set-up

Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool

Since Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool is designed using a steel metal frame, maximum durability and strength are ensured. Also, it enhances the assembly period. It requires lesser tools making it easy to set up in the backyard. This pool is rust-resistant therefore you and your family will enjoy years of summer swimming experience. Together with proper maintenance, Bestway above ground swimming pool could last for a couple of years. Above ground pool comes with a kit including ground cloth, pool cover, ladder, and 1500 gal pool pump, also include ChemConnect chemical dispenser. You can guarantee all in 1 solution with Bestway.

  • Easy to set up, less assembly time
  • Sturdy construction of superior steel metal frame
  • Easy draining
  • All-in-1 kit

Lake Effect Above Ground Swimming Pool

LakeEffect above ground swimming pool features superior quality steel walls protecting design against rust and high-quality liner. Enjoy your summer pool relaxation with above ground swimming pool. This pool elegant design and optimum durability will let you cool off and splash into admiring brand new pool. Neutral gray tone pool color adds a touch of beauty to your backyard. Enhance family time and unwind with LakeEffect above ground swimming pool. This above ground swimming pool makes for an ideal gathering place to stay cool. It offers an easy one-time installation than a complicated pool set-up.

  • Rust-resistance feature
  • Fully inspected pool from damages
  • Easy, one-time installation
  • Ideal gathering place

Intex Set Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter & Cover

Intex Set above ground swimming pool with filter and cover will keep you enjoy summertime in your backyard. Since this pool comes with a cover, it is protected from dirt, insects, and debris when not in use thus keep pool water fresh. Pool dimension is 12ft wide and 30-inch height, it perfectly fits on backyard flat surface which is great for family and friends to cool off. Because the pool is made of strong and durable material, it has superior strength to damage (abrasion, impact, and sunlight). Also, the pool features drain holes that prevent water from accumulating on top.

  • Installation ready pool
  • Superior strength to damage
  • 30-day warranty for factory defects

SmartPool Universal Sun Heater

SmartPool universal sun heater suitable for above ground pools but also great for in-ground. This solar heating system able to capture heat from UV rays of the sun. It will raise your water temperature into 6-10 degrees F. Extend swimming season and keep your pool warmth from SmartPool universal sun heater. Pool accessory comes with four ends caps, four stainless steel hose clamps, one roll of Teflon tape, and one rubber connector hose. A direct flow system, one header hole for each heating is included. This product comes with an operation manual of different languages (English/French/Spanish).

  • Keep your pool warm
  • Add weeks to your pool season
  • Suitable for above ground and in-ground pools

Wilbar Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Wilbar above-ground swimming pool elegantly designs from a strong steel wall. It is processed to hot dip galvanized for protection. Wilbar has everything you need to start extending the swimming season to the backyard. The pool comes with accessories therefore you can easily set up a pool without further ado. Wilbar is your one-stop solution for quality above ground swimming pool. The pool is designed to remain in place for all year round that makes it accessible to family gatherings. The pool offers strong protection against damages such as rusting instead enhances longevity. Rigorous testing is executed during the process.

  • Elegant design
  • Strong protection
  • One-stop-solution

Confer Plastics Entry System for Above Ground Pools

Confer plastics entry system for above ground pools provide ease of entry and exit in the pool. You will no longer worry about pool ladder tipping over slipping and missing steps. The entry system comes with 2 steps with handrails, gate with latch and locks to limit access to the pool when it is not in use, top platform, and two side rails. The gate completely encloses the steps for the security, and is self-enclosing and self-latching. The step measurement is 10 in. x 27 in. this is suitable for pools with 48 in. to 52 in., it can carry up to 380 lb. weight capacity.

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Fits 48″ to 54″ above ground pool
  • Fast installation

Sealproof Pool Filter Pump Connection Hose for Above Ground Pools

Sealproof pool filter pump connection hose for above ground pools is a great replacement for Intex and any other above ground swimming pool filters and skimmers. Some models include X1000, X1500, C2000, F700, F800, F1000, F1500, and F2000. Their durable, rigid, lightweight and flexible features offer maximum construction protection. It has maximum resistance to chemicals and sunlight. Its crystal clear design allows you to easily monitor the water flow. Utilizing BPA free, FDA compliant high-grade PVC material ensures maximum durability and construction stability. This is 100% made in America.

  • Durable, rigid, lightweight
  • Corrugated construction
  • Maximum chemical and sunrays resistance

VinylWorks Canada Above Ground Pool Fence 8 Section Base Kit

VinylWorks Canada above ground pool fence and 8 section base kit offer in different models and colors, both 24” and 36” heights. All pool fencing is manufactured using maintenance free resins and stainless steel hardware improving its aesthetics, design, and strength. Also, it enhances the ease of installation and compliment products. The pool fence measures 64-1/2″ in length and can be cut out to fit in specific pool requirements. Since pool fencing is manufactured with at least 65% of the fencing remaining open area, it allows clear visibility of the pool swimming area and those swimming within. This is an important concept for safety.

  • Made 100% maintenance free resins and stainless steel hardware
  • Cut out the fence to fit specific pool requirement
  • Clear visibility of the pool swimming area

Buffalo Blizzard Split Winter Cover for Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Buffalo blizzard spit winter cover for above-ground swimming pool is ideal use when winter season comes. It will protect your swimming pool from snow, leaves, debris, keep unwanted items from falling into the swimming pool. This cover can reduce your hassle and cost of opening pool in next season. Buffalo Blizzard winter cover offer in full array, different sizes, and colors. This cover offers economical and effective options for your needs. This durable and super strength pool cover is made to withstand the cold. Choose Buffalo Blizzard, choose quality service.

  • Tough, durable winter cover
  • Secure installation
  • Easy to put on and take off

Swim N Play Cleaning Maintenance Kit for Above Ground Swimming Pool

Swim N Play cleaning maintenance kit for above ground swimming pool contains a vacuum cleaner, skimmer leaf net, chlorinator, 10″ pool brush, and a duck thermometer. The maintenance kit keeps your pool in a superior form ideal for summer enjoyment. Each of the maintenance tools works efficiently to your pool cleanliness and extend reliability. This will help you get rid of dirt and grime on the walls of your pool. Also include pesky leaves, twigs, small bugs, and other things that floats on the water. There is a variety of hose sizes available for you to choose from.

  • Easily affix maintenance kit
  • Rid of different contaminants
  • Extreme pool cleanliness

Summer Waves Elite Outdoor Swimming Pool

The Summer Waves Elite Outdoor swimming pool will bring your family enjoyment and relaxation into your backyard. This is constructed of heavy-duty gauge PVC reinforced material providing superior strength. This pool can be assembled quickly, 100% tested to withstand rigorous uses. Unlike other frame pools, the pool features a Skimmer plus filtration system for optimum durability. It will keep your pool get rid of bugs, leaves and other damages affecting the pool. It is also included with internal cartridge and skimmer basket providing easiness of removal and cleaning. Summer Waves Elite Outdoor swimming pool is your quality yet affordable pool choice.

  • Vacuum head and hose, leaf skimmer, telepole, and pool cover included
  • Made of heavy gauge PVC reinforced with polyester mesh
  • Sturdy A-frame ladder

Intex Above Ground Rectangular Pool

The high-quality design above ground rectangular pool increase comes with strong locking system, enhancing pool overall quality durability and stability. It has rust resistance. The inner and outer surface is powder-coated giving excellent resistance to rust. This pool comes with a 110-120V sand filter pump with a pump flow rate of 2, 100 GPH, pool ladder, ground cloth & pool cover. It is water ready after short assembly you can use it then. Water capacity is up to 8, 403 gallons. With 2 years warranty, you can guarantee safety and reliability.

  • Unique design
  • Rust-resistance
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Bestway Rectangular Frame Pool

Bestway rectangular frame pool brings endless swimming season of the family. This pool is an affordable alternative to more complicated steel walled pool. However, it provides durability and stability to inflatable pools. It has a superior design –rust and corrosion-resistant. The structure protects the pool from damages of UV rays and abrasion. Another safety feature is its pin-clip design ensures stable joint connections. This pool set is easy to assembled no require tooling for installation in the backyard. Within 5 minutes the pool can be build up.

  • Easy to assemble pool set
  • Superior design
  • Included ladder, 1500 gallon filter pump, a chemical connect dispenser, and filter cartridge

Blue Wave Oval Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Blue Wave Oval above ground pool winter cover is constructed to the strongest and most tear-resistant material. The cover features a rugged U.V stabilized woven polyethylene that protects the pool and pool water from damages. It has strong protection from sun, snow, wind, and ice. The cover features a black underside to retard the growth of algae and ensure crystal clear pool next to spring. Also, it has a big 4-foot overlap that means it will fit pools with wider top rails. This reliable, top-grade cover is built to last. Backed with a 15-year warranty, you can ensure safe and effective.

  • Cover size: 19ft x 34 ft
  • Strong protection against sunlight, snow, ice, and wind
  • Backed with a 15-year warranty

Intex Summer Waves Above Ground Pool Cover

The Summer Waves inflatable kids pool above ground pool cover will help you keep your pool free from dirt, insects, and debris. Since it is made of high-quality, durable 7-gauge, UV-resistant PVC vinyl, the pool cover prevents water accumulating on top. Having your pool covered also helps prevent water evaporation that means less adding of water and chemicals to your pool. This inflatable kids pool above ground pool cover is great for splashing and learning to swim. With that, your kids will enjoy the endless summer season.

  • Easy to set up
  • Constructed of high-quality material
  • Great for splashing and learning to swim

Hayward Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Hayward Above-ground swimming pool pump has been engineered through cutting edge, technologically advanced pool equipment. Its large profile and integrated styling make it stand out to others. Hayward has been developing heavy-duty high-performance above-ground swimming pool pumps to help pool owners enjoy their swimming experience with their loved ones. Hayward’s main goal is to turn your concern into satisfaction. With 80 years in the business, the company has widened its capability and production according to the market standard.

  • Energy-efficient
  • Heavy-duty, high performance
  • On/off switch

Pentair Above Ground Pool Pump

Pentair above ground pool pump offer efficient performance and longevity. Through minimizing friction and water turbulence, the pump provides a highly effective operation. By reason of, the pool pumps make noise canceled and lower operating cost at a time. This makes it ideal for quality-conscious pool owners. If you are one, then you can skip this pool pump by Pentair. Lower energy requirements allow for lower energy costs. The pump superior strength and durability permit efficient performance. Pentair above ground pool pump is your choice when it comes to higher engineering capacity, quiet operation, and longevity.

  • Self-priming design ensures long life
  • Reinforced fiberglass for strength and durability
  • Large capacity basket with see-thru lid
  • Unique diffuser and impeller for excellent flow rate
  • Easy access drain plugs

Champlain Plastics Drop-in Step for Above Ground Pool

Champlain plastic drop-in step for the above ground pool offers ease of installation in the pool system. The molded piece steps give an advantage when getting in and out of the pool. The step does not float in the water. This step can be easily drop in the pool and attach handrails to the deck. You can make this step a full entry ladder through purchasing outside portion. This drop-in step got the 80% positive review in the market. A lot of customers amaze by its quality and effectiveness. The unit works great and their family loved it better than a ladder.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Better alternative of the ladder

Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Base Steps

Confer above ground swimming pool curve base steps is unmatchable when it comes to convenience and style. Also, it has high safety to place, sit and relax. The steps curve and gentle sweeping handrails put this step at the top of its class.  The staircase comes with 4-step molded from strong, chemical resistant resin able to holds up to 400 pounds. Make your pool season lasts. The steps finish won’t fade away and it can be easily snapped together with any tools. Also, it can be curved inwards or outwards during installation and then side panels can be easily filled with sand or pea gravel to weigh the steps down.

  • Super-strong, chemical resistant resin
  • Adjustable base pads and oversized deck mounting brackets is included
  • 5-year warranty

Aqua Select Above Ground Anti-Slip Pool Steps

Aqua Select above ground anti-slip pool steps provides a convenient entry into your pool. Getting in and out in the pool will no longer be difficult, slipping and missing a step will be out of the line. The unit can be mounted to pool decks up to 60” high. With included mounting brackets, it will safely secure the step to your pool. Each step has a dimension of 10.5 inches x 31.5 inches, there’s no way you can’t miss as step entering the pool. The installation is easy and fast. An economical and strong choice professional-grade pool parts and accessories.

  • Cost-effective and strong
  • Perfect design
  • Easy installation

FibroPool Above Ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump

FibroPool Above Ground swimming pool heat pump will surely extend your swimming season. The unit has achieved maximum energy efficiency as we utilize a high-pressure scroll compressor and a titanium heat exchanger. The installation is fast and quick, in less than 30 minutes, less hassle. It can be easily set up allowing quick adjustment from the unit. All-metal, enamel-coated case will last year after year and withstand the elements, assimilating perfectly with your existing pool equipment. The FibroPool above ground swimming pool heat pump has been meticulously designing to be most energy-efficient in their class.

  • Sleek Design
  • Clean, energy-efficient
  • Extend your swimming season

Intex Basic Pool Maintenance Kit for Above Ground Pools

Intex Basic pool maintenance kit for above ground pools will keep your pool clean and fresh. The kit includes 94in telescoping aluminum shaft suitable for 16ft and below pools. It also includes interchangeable vacuum and skimmer heads to collect debris in the pool. The maintenance kit contains useful accessories that keep your pools stunning and ready for the next swimming time. You can easily clean up pool and make it ready for pool party. Intex Basic pool maintenance kit will give a value of your money. It has been appreciated in the market for its convenient and dependability.

  • Accessories include- vacuum head with one-piece cleaning head, Surface skimmer, 94″ telescoping aluminum pole
  • All-in-1 solution
  • Convenient and dependable

GLI Above Ground Pool Fence

GLI above ground pool fence will help improve your pool safety and prevent accidental drowning. This fence will keep your children safe. The fence is made of rigid vinyl construction makes it UV-protected, maintenance-free and easily mounted on different above-ground pools. The mounting brackets are super-strong that easily attach to pool uprights. Installation period is easy. Fencing can fit any above ground pool. The fence measure is 64.5″ W x 1.5″ D x 24″ H. All fencing comes with installation instructions. Backed with a 5-year warranty you can ensure safety and reliability.

  • Helps improve your pool’s safety
  • Maintenance-free, rigid vinyl construction
  • All fence comes with installation instructions

EDOU Swimming Pool Cover Pump Above Ground

EDOU swimming pool cover pump kit for above ground is ideal for household water transfer applications. It removes standing water from pool covers effectively. The pump features ultra-quiet design, energy efficiency, high insulation strength, and good water resistance. The pump kit has been designed to be convenient and affordable drainage solution. Easy to set up and drain water thoroughly. Not only ideal for above ground pools but also suit for in-ground pools. The pump can filter out the dirt and resistant to bad weather. This high-quality pump can be included with customizing sturdy ABS casing.

  • Energy-efficient
  • High-quality pump
  • Good Compatibility

Harris Above Ground Pool Pump

Harris above ground pool pump offer outstanding performance and result to the application. Since this pump is made of heavy-duty, corrosion-proof material, it has rigidity and efficiency you can count on. The body enhances a longer life and durability. With advanced engineering process, product efficiency and less noise account. All pool pump meets and exceeds CSA and ETL requirements. Pump dimensions are 21 inches length by 11 inches height by 9 inches width.

  • Advanced engineering capacity
  • Meet and exceed CSA and ETL requirements
  • Long life and durability

Blue Wave Maxi Replacement Pump for Above Ground Pools

This strong Maxi Replacement Pump for Above Ground Pools designed by Blue Wave features a polymer construction. It delivers years of reliable long-lasting service. This high-performance pump is less quiet, efficient and self-priming. The pump design fits most filters and the extra-large clear lid allows for easy cleaning. If you want to replace your old inefficient pump, this maxi replacement pump is your choice. It comes with 6-ft cord—110v and available in two sizes: 1 HP or 1.5 HP pumps.

  • Durable polymer construction that resists corrosion
  • Clear lid allows for easy cleaning
  • Inlet and Outlet discharge hose

Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump

Blue Wave above ground pool winter cover pump has the ability to remove unwanted water in the pool cover –much faster. This pump has an automatic turn on and off –depending on the water level of your pool cover. This pump is lightweight yet durable and it can pump up to 350 gallons of water per hour. It also features a reusable foam inlet filter and a stabilizing base platform. This powerful above ground pool winter cover pump is complete with a garden hose adaptor and 25 feet of a power cord. This cover pump is UL approved and it comes with a 1-year warranty service.

  • Automatic turn on and off
  • Pump up to 350 gallons of water per hour.
  • Includes garden hose adapter

Cornelius Above Ground Pool

Cornelius above ground pool is constructed from heavy-duty steel construction providing durability for years to come. Hassle-free usage will last. The pool design adds an appealing feature to your backyard. Steel pool frame is super easy to assemble, ready for fun in a matter of minutes. Get outdoor fun and enhance family time with pool party and summer season. You can’t miss out on your family and friend fun and enjoyment during summer. Add Cornelius above ground pool in your backyard. Also, this pool comes with accessories such as a sand filter pump, a 24-foot pool liner, a skimmer, a pool ladder, a chemical kit, a phosphate removal chemical, and a pool net. The all-in-1 solution will be acquired with Cornelius.

  • Rust-resistant galvanized walls
  • Easy to assemble above ground pool and kit
  • Precise fit and stylish design to enhance your backyard
  • Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost Right
    "Get updated swimming pool maintenance tips and reduce your cost"

Above Pool Ground – The Complete Buying Guide