The Best 30 Above Ground Pool Cleaners in 2020 - Reviews and Buying Guide

Above-Ground pool cleaners are essential to make your pool cool and maintain sparkling clean.

But, what are the best above ground pools available today? How about automatic and robotic pool vacuums? What brand stands out most? A lot of questions might come.

For that reason, I took a look at the best 30 above-ground pools on the market today. We based it on their functions, intended usage., and customer ratings. Take your pick from this best 3o list!

Aquabot Spirit Above and Inground Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Spirit pool cleaner is ideal for above and in-ground pool cleaning. This robotic pool cleaner comes with class-leading features that make pool cleaning quick and easy. It is accessible – can easily use to schedule a pool cleaning.

The product comes with TwinBody Innovative Chassis making it super easy to access. Also, the anti-tangled 360° Swivel eliminates hassle and headache of tangled robots.

Aquabot Spirit dedicated to designing and developing robotic pool cleaner for over 30 years. Claiming they have the best robotic cleaner in the market today. All pool cleaner comes with a great 2-years warranty.

Aquabot Spirit Above and in-ground pool cleaner is the leading choice in the market you can consider.

  • Dual filters; easy access
  • Perfect for above and in-ground pool cleaner
  • Anti-Tangle 360° Swivel
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Dolphin Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Swimming Pools

This automatic robotic pool cleaner from Dolphin is specifically designed for an above-ground swimming pool up to 30 feet. It provides the simplest and easiest way to clean your pool.  As fast and as quick as 1.5 hours of cleaning is done. Definitely, a time-saving cleaning solution.

Together with superior filtering and floor scrubbing capabilities, cleaning your pool is effortless. You pool will be free of debris and sparkling clean. This automatic robotic pool cleaner does not require any additional pumps or hoses to get the job done.

Dolphin E10 robotic pool cleaner are energy-efficient. Dolphin has over 35 years of providing a hassle-free cleaning solution for the residential swimming pool.

  • Simplest way to clean the above-ground pool up to 30 ft.
  • Energy-efficient cleaning solution
  • Superior filtering and scrubbing capabilities
  • Backed with 2-years quality assurance

Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Another best option from Aquabot. This pool rover junior robotic pool cleaner works great on cleaning residential above ground pools. It operates well through vacuuming and micro-filtering dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the pool floor.

This pool rover junior features an easy bottom access filter bag. The filtration system has the ability to filter down to the smallest of particles. Also, junior robotic come a 40-foot of floating cable and convenient power supply with 2-3 hour options.

This fully automatic robotic cleaner can vacuum any above ground pool types like round, oval, rectangular flat-surfaces. Powered by a 24-volt pump motor, vacuum suction, and jet-drive propulsion works effectively.

  • Built-in 2-micron fine reusable filter bag and a power supply transformer
  • Powered by a 24-volt pump motor
  • 2-hour automatic shut off timer
  • Works great on any flat-surface above ground pool types

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

This one is a powerful auto pool cleaner designed by Intex for pool owners. It will work automatically – cleaning and vacuuming the entire pool floor. Hassle-free pool maintenance check. This auto pool cleaner is complete with a 24ft. hose. It can easily attach to inlet connectors with 1 1/2in. or 38mm hose fittings. This is only suitable for an above ground pool. A filter pump is required with

a flow rate are between 1,600 to 3,500 GPH. When cleaning, must ensure that cleaner is set up properly and that all air pockets are removed from cleaner hose in order to guarantee maximum performance. User manual is included.

  • Included with 1-1/2″ hose fittings
  • Not suitable for in-ground pools
  • Attaches to the inlet connector in the pool with a 24’7″ hose
  • Requires a filter pump with a flow rate between 1,600 – 3,500gph

Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

The zodiac ranger suction side automatic above ground pool cleaner effectively cleans above-ground pool type. Built-in with dished-out that bottoms up to 72 inches. Featuring moving part technology, annoying hammer or flapper noise will be eliminated.

Together with unique Deflector Wheels, it helps prevent the cleaner from getting caught on steps, ladders, and corners. It can help your pool interrupted. Additionally, it allows the ranger to glide effortlessly in all corners of the pool.

Zodiac ranger suction side automatic cleaner comes pre-assembled for fast and easy installation plus, included 32 feet of feed hose. This intelligent design requires no tools!

  • Compact self-adjusting flow control valve
  • Automatically regulates water flow, ensuring peak performance
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Unique Deflector Wheel

Pentair Vac Suction-Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Pentair E-Z vac suction-side above ground pool cleaner is simply the best built above ground pool cleaner available in market today. This K50600 kreepy krauly E-Z Vac is designed based on the same time-tested platforms.

As the most popular suction-side cleaner, this Pentair pool cleaner included with 32ft hose. The superior hydraulic design is ideal for optimum vacuuming power. Built-in operating moving part –flapper use for long and dependable service. No wheels or gears to replace the unit. Additional features are free skimming valve.

It automatically regulates water flow to assure proper cleaning speed and simultaneous skimming of surface debris while vacuuming. Available colors are blue and white.

  • Designed based on the same time-tested platforms
  • Included with 32ft hose
  • Free skimming valve
  • Colors available are blue and white

Water Tech Swimming Pool Cleaner

This Water Tech swimming pool cleaner will keep your pool water fresh and free of debris. It can clean up to 33 gallons of water per minute. This is completely independent of main filter systems.

This pool cleaner is lightweight and easy to use. It can be attached to the telescopic pole to reach hard-to-reach areas without messy hoses or additional pumps.

Water Tech swimming pool cleaner has a rechargeable battery. Powerfully remove leaves, sand, twigs, acorns and other debris on pool. This pool cleaner also has a 45-minute run time on a single charge. A perfect cleaning solution in above ground pools.

  • Versatile cleaning
  • Easy and lightweight operation
  • Included 7.5″ Vacuum Head w/Soft-Bristle Brush

Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Vinyl Pools

returning to your pool. The filter and skimmer can be free from contaminants. With a unique filter bag, it effectively removes debris your pump basket and filter reach. Certainly, you can prolong the life of your filtration system.

Polaris automatic pool cleaner can be installed within a minute. It is suitable for all above ground pools up to 5 feet deep, even those with an uneven bottom. The pump and filtration system operates and vacuum the bottom part and sweeps side in just 3 hours or less.

  • Suitable for all aboveground pools up to 5-feet deep
  • Installs easily in minute
  • Operates with pumps and filtration systems
  • Unique filter bag effectively removes debris

POOLWHALE Professional Automatic Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

PoolWhale automatic swimming pool cleaner connects to a dedicated cleaner line or a pool skimmer. This pool vacuum cleaner thoroughly clean your pool floors and walls to automatically remove dirt, debris bug, twigs, leaves and others.

As water flows through the cleaner, all the debris are pulled directly into the pool cleaner. It works and operates quietly. No flapper or hammer noise be heard. To adjust working speed, you must use automatic regulator valve.

PoolWhale automatic swimming pool cleaner comes with long service life. Less maintenance required. This automatic pool vacuum cleaner can easily reach and clean out debris on your time spent cleaning the pool.

  • Works quietly, no flapper or hammer noise
  • Ideal for in-ground, above-ground and self supporting swimming pools
  • Easy to operate pool cleaner
  • Easy to assemble and install

Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above-Ground and In-Ground Pools

This XLS pool cleaner is ideal for large above-ground pools and residential in-ground pools. Aquabot designed a robotic pool cleaner for all pool shapes and surfaces. Like others, this automatic cleaner will vacuum and micro-filter dirt, debris, and other contaminants. It can effectively clean the lower wall on the pools with up to a 6-inch pool floor.

This robotic pool cleaner comes with extra-large filter baskets and free fine filters to ensure filtration down to the smallest particles. Also, built-in with fixed brushes and our patented power washing and Aquabot Swivel on the long 50-foot cable. It helps prevent tangles.

  • Designed for all pool shapes and surfaces up to 50 ft
  • Features agitating brushes
  • Cleans backward and forward
  • Includes 50-foot kink free

Skooba K563CBX Kokido Max Vac Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

This automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaner for above ground pool perfectly cleans hard-to-reach areas. It takes a blast to assemble and efficiently clean the water. Simply connect cleaner to the pool’s low-flow filtration system.

The Skooba Kokido max vacuums design works with filters that run at a minimum of 500 GPH in soft-wall, medium-sized pools. Because Skooba Kokido Max vacuum cleaner effectively cleans and filter debris from your above ground pool.

The vacuum’s aluminum pole has 4 extensions and can reach a length of 7 feet 3 inches. Require hose is about 20 ft long. It can clean much farther areas on the pool.

  • Connects to water outlet and filters underwater debris
  • Included basic nozzle, a clip-on brush
  • Transparent twist top comes off to easily remove debris
  • Easy to assemble

Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 AJET121 Above Ground Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

The Aquabot pool rover S2-40 is designed for cleaning in-ground and above ground pool of different shapes. This works perfectly up to 30 ft long pool.

Aquabot pool rover S2-40 has the power to navigate above ground flat or dished out pool bottoms and cove with ease and convenience. All debris including leaves, algae, and dirt are automatically vacuumed up and filter.

This fully automatic robotic vacuum can clean up pool in just 1 hour. It can filter up to 5,000 gallons/ hour. Also, feature NeverStuck rollers enable the unit to overcome raised main drains and imperfect pool bottoms. The Aquabot pool rover S2-40 backed by a 1 year warranty.

  • Perfect for any types of ground pools; any shape and configuration
  • Clean up 1 hour, filtering up to 5,000 gallons
  • Dished out bottoms and cove with ease
  • Features NeverStuck rollers enable and overcome main drains and imperfect pool

Skooba Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Skooba above ground pool vacuum cleaner will complete cleaning of your swimming pool. Eliminate your concern about how you effectively clean pool sides and bottom. This pool vacuum cleaner typically suctions side cleaners of your pool. This vacuum cleaner can be simply assembled.

Skooba powerful little cleaner is your best cleaning solution. By utilizing pool existing filtration system, the cleaner can effectively create suction vacuum that collects all the debris in your pool. The internal filter bag able to collect anything from the pool. Once full, the patented automatically twist and lock cleaner head. Removed debris and easy emptying.

Additionally, pool vacuum cleaner comes with 16-ft of cleaner hose, 1 wide-mouth nozzle and a 4 section aluminum pole. For best result, you can’t dare to miss this one from Skooba.

  • Ideal for 8-ft to 16-ft round above ground pool
  • Simple construction for easy assembly with twist & lock cleaner head
  • Minimum flow rate 500 gallons/hour
  • Includes 16-ft pool vacuum hose, 1 wide-mouth nozzle and more

Hayward Automatic Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

This automatic above ground swimming pool vacuum cleaner from Hayward is specifically designed for trouble-free cleaning. It can work with your existing filtration system. Without extra energy required, you can start and continue cleaning.

One of the best things about Hayward automatic pool ground vacuum cleaner is that it can be installed in just 10 minutes. Improved water circulation by pulling water from the pool bottom when it moves.

Together with Driven by patented SmartDrive programmed steering system, the entire bottom of the pool with being clean quickly and completely. However, this cleaner is not recommended use on Intex and other soft-sided pools.

  • Designed for above ground pool cleaner with unique turbine/ gearing system
  • Installs in 10 minutes or less than
  • 1-year warranty service
  • Improves water circulation

Swim N Play Deluxe Pool Cleaning Maintenance Kit for Above Ground Swimming Pool

This Deluxe maintenance kit for the above ground swimming pool contains everything you needed to keep the pool in shape. Vacuum cleaner, skimmer leaf net, chlorinator, 10″ pool brush, and a duck thermometer are the equipment included.

This full set of maintenance works with the filter pump for cleaning. All the leaves, twigs, small bugs, and other debris floats on the top of the water will wipe away. To use, you can easily affix the maintenance kit to your pole pool or inflatable pools.

Swim N Play deluxe pool cleaning maintenance kit is recommended for Intex and Splash above pool ground poles.

  • Clean walls and pool floor effectively
  • No to debris floats on top of the water
  • Floating pool chlorinator; keep your pool sanitized
  • Pool thermometer – Always know the temperature

Solar Breeze – Automatic Pool Cleaner NX2 Cleaning Robot

This automatic pool cleaner 2018 model will keep your pool sparkling clean. This robotic pool cleaner operates on free solar energy. It works almost around the clock to skim dirt and debris from the pool’s surface before it will sink and decay. It allows water passes through the filter to remove all the debris and leave pool sparkling clean.

For best result, you might add an on-board chlorine tray to hols two 3-inch trichlor tablets allowing Solar Breeze NX2 to clean pool as it goes. You can clean your pool with free energy from the sun. Reduce your pool pump run time by 2/3.

Make your pool always swim-ready and party-ready with Solar Breeze automatic pool cleaner. After, cleaning you can remove the unit from the pool.

  • Remove 90-95% debris
  • Long-lasting robotic pool cleaner
  • Effectively filters water to keep pool fresh and clean
  • Increase collection capacity

Intex Basic Pool Maintenance Kit for Above Ground Pools

Intex basic pool maintenance kit for above ground pools will definitely keep your pool fresh and clean. Kit consists of 94 inches telescoping aluminum shaft, interchangeable vacuum and skimmer head. All work together to collect debris from the pool and keep it nicely and stunningly clean.

The vacuum can be attached to a garden hose and included with a reusable debris bag. Effectively clean remaining floating debris from the surface with the surface skimmer. This is an ideal use for 16ft and smaller diameter above ground pools.

  • Vacuum head with one piece cleaning head, Surface skimmer, 94″ telescoping aluminum pole included
  • Keep pool clean and fresh
  • Clean remaining floating debris
  • Interchangeable vacuum and skimmer heads

POOLWHALE Professional Automatic Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Blue

POOLWHALE blue automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaners effectively connect to cleaner line or a pool skimmer. As water flows through the cleaner, the dirt and debris pulled directly into the pool cleaner.

POOLWHALE automatic pool cleaner will clean your pool floor and walls. Automatically remove dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves and other debris. It works quietly. No flapper or hammer use heard. Use the automatic regulator valve to adjust the working speed. The upgrading hose is durable and scuff resistant. It can contact close to the vacuum. It prevents air leaks and disconnect higher horsepower.

  • Works quietly, no flapper or hammer sound
  • Easy to operate pool cleaner
  • Fast to assemble and install
  • Wider cleaning path

Intex Automatic Above-Ground Pool Vacuum with Pool Skimmer Net

Intex automatic above-ground pool vacuum with pool skimmer net works out effectively on your swimming pool. Any season, your pool be back on shape automatically. With powerful cleaning solution, you can quickly clean up your pool. To use, you must connect automatic pool vacuum to your new or existing filter pump up to 1,600- 3,500 GPH.

This little powerful automatic equipment will keep the bottom of your pool clear of leaves and all types of debris. This Intex automatic pool vacuum with pool skimmer net is only suitable for above-ground pools. It’s not gonna work with in-ground pools.

This lightweight, easy-to-use and powerful space-saving cleaning solution can be avail at competitive prices.

  • Space-saving cleaning tool
  • Additional telescoping pole accessories
  • Automatic above ground pool vacuum
  • Attaches to outlet connector in the pool with a 24.6-inch hose

POOLWHALE Professional Automatic Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Grey

POOLWHALE professional automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaner grey color has widely appreciated in market. This easily connects to pool skimmer. When the water flows through the cleaner, all the debris, bugs, dirt can be pulled away into the pool cleaner.

POOLWHALE automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaner is easy to assemble and install. Wide cleaning path for quicker more comprehensive coverage. The automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaner will automatically remove dirt, debris, bugs, twigs and leaves. It works quietly. No flapper and hammer noise be heard. To use automatic regulator valve, you just adjust the working speed.

  • Ideal for above-ground swimming pools
  • Works quietly, no flapper or hammer noise
  • Upgrading hose, durable and scuff-resistant
  • Convenient to replace

Yescom New Deluxe Inground Above Ground Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Yescom New Deluxe automatic swimming pool cleaner for in-ground and above pool ground are made from innovative technology. This brand new powerful unit comes with 26-1/4 ft hose. No doubt, a perfect solution to clean dirt, leaves, debris, bugs, pebbles and other stuff floating on the pool.

With this automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner, you can effectively and effortlessly clean your pool. Spend more time on swimming over cleaning.   Directly attach pool cleaner to your existing filtration system.

The package contents include high-quality swimming pool cleaner, 10 durable hoses, 3 yellow hose, 1 hose cone, 1 eyeball diverter and outer ring, automatic regulator valve, blue adapter and manual.

  • Highly efficient and low maintenance
  • Automatically and effortlessly clean pool from top to bottom
  • Soft and thickened PVC pleated seal
  • Great for in-ground and above ground pool

SolaSkimmer – Automatic Pool Cleaner

Sola skimmer automatic pool cleaner cleans pool well. It will keep your pool swimming-ready at all times. It is well-equipped with high functional features that contribute to works efficiently. Let this innovative technology works cleaning and does more tasks at the same time. Trouble-free cleaning solution indeed. It will last for a long time.

You can save time and cost and most –water. No need to drain your pool water. This automatic pool cleaner from SolaSkimmer covered you. A lot of customers satisfied with this brand. And says the machine is awesome. Helpful and effective. Try it to believe it.

  • Trouble-free continuous skimming
  • Works efficiently
  • Keep pool swimming-ready

Sunsolar - Diaphram Swimming Pool Cleaner

Sunsolar deluxe automatic pool cleaner can vacuum and filter debris effectively. This compact design automatic pool cleaner has superior maneuverability and cleaning performance. Together with a set of hoses, cleaning will be more time-saving. Also, a diaphragm allows super quiet operation. No sound will be heard. Aside from the above ground swimming pool, this cleaner also works in an in-ground swimming pool up to 8.2 ft depth.

The vacuum hose length 10 can connect directly to your existing filtration system. Require no booster pump. Also, No wheels or gears means no jamming, breaking or otherwise interrupting the cleaning process. Minimum of 1 hp pump is needed for proper functioning.

  • Efficiently and powerfully clean your pool
  • Eco-friendly design
  • More durable than those cleaners made of thinner PVC
  • No tools required
  • -No electricity needed

Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool Surface Skimmer Debris Cleaner

Bestway above ground swimming pool surface skimmer debris cleaner is a highly cost-effective cleaning solution. This surface skimmer simply hooks over the inside wall of your above-ground pools. To use, you must attached it to your filter pump.

Once starts cleaning, it automatically gathered all debris. Just make sure skimmers are empty. Also, the adjustable mounting brackets allow it to move up and down. Hard to reach areas will be stick. Because this pool skimmer is made out of corrosion-proof plastic material, maintaining and cleaning is incredibly quick and easy. This pool skimmer from Bestway will let you spend more time enjoying pools!

  • Easy set up
  • Cleans automatically
  • Included removable filter basket
  • Reduce maintenance

Kokido Skooba Max Vac Above-Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Kokido Skooba Max swimming pool vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning soft-wall, above-ground pools with low-flow filtration systems. Same with others, it easily removes all types of debris floating unto the pool without clogging.

This above-ground swimming pool vacuum cleaner will save your money as you can use it for a long time. Vacuuming and filtering will be much easy with Skooba Max. This specifically designed to work with suction power of filtration system.

Kokido Skooba Max swimming pool vacuum cleaner does not add more water to your pool unlike others. It comes with clip-on brushes to remove dirt stuck to the pool’s bottom. Plus, wide pivoting head to make cleaning larger areas easier.

  • Practical for cleaning pools up to 18-feet diameter
  • Designed to work off the suction power of filtration systems
  • vacuuming and filtering functions saves you money
  • Clip-on brushes remove dirt stuck to the bottom

Autobot waterjet Robotic Cleaner for Above Ground

Waterjet robotic cleaner for above ground pool from EZ care have unique functionality. The speed and directional control allow detailed cleaning and good coverage. Unlike others, no need to connect to your filter or pump. It works independently.

With its self-contained pump and debris basket, they collect all the debris. For effective use, you place just enough length of cord to your pool then you can enjoy tangle free cleaning.

EZ care robotic cleaner works excellently on flat bottom pools. Cleaner design is not suited for sloped pools, cannot climb walls. However, it workability is great.

  • Easy to install, easy to clean
  • Has self-contained pump and filter inside the machine
  • High power waterjet robotic pool cleaner,
  • . Built in 2 hours timer

SkimmerMotion - The Automatic Pool Cleaner

SkimmerMotion automatic pool cleaner clarifies your pool. It removes all particles and debris smaller than 1 inch. Without the use of chemicals, you can eliminate it into your pool surface.

This robotic pool cleaner automatically moves in parallel motion. It can reach the hard-to-reach areas where other devices cannot. It can cover up your entire pool surface. The built-in whirlpool suction can remove all particles and debris before they reach the bottom part of the pool.

This type of automatic pool cleaner has been the best device as stated by most pool cleaners. Designed and made in the USA. Tested energy-efficient, compact and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Clarifies your pool effectively
  • Automatically move in parallel motion
  • Designed and made in USA
  • Effective, energy efficient, compact, sleek and aesthetically pleasing

POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Underwater Cleaner

POOLWHALE portable pool vacuum jet underwater cleaner is so easy to assemble. Simply powered by water pressure from garden hose works!

The water from the hose enters the vacuum and create a suction effect that pulls dirt and debris into the filter bag. No pump and filter is needed. Save water. No need to empty the pool and clean.

This innovative pool cleaner from POOLWHALE got you! The bag where the debris go through comes with an easy draw string closure to trap all debris. This collection bags attached nicely and tightly. POOLWHALE portable pool vacuum jet underwater cleaner will be your perfect cleaning solution.

  • Simple design and easy to assembly
  • Attachs to standard garden hose
  • 4 sections pole of 48″ and brushes
  • suction to collect stains, leaves and stones from the bottom of the pool

Aquabot Pool Rover S2-50 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot pool rover S2-50 is designed for residential above-ground pools and in-ground. This robotic pool cleaner will vacuum and micro-filter the dirt, debris and all contaminants from the pool floor.

Aquabot robotic pool cleaners are manufactured under rigorous testing for both safety and performance. All cleaners undergo approval from national independent organization ensuring full compliance.

Aquabot robotic pool cleaner will help you save water, chemicals and energy. Up to 30% on total chemical usage will be saved. This S2-50 is ideal for pool up to 50-feet. In Aqua, you can assure safe and high-quality pool cleaning products.

  • Designed for all pool shapes and surfaces
  • Features two brushes to agitate dirt and debris for a deeper clean and;
  • filter basket for fine dirt and debris
  • filters 80-85 gallons per minute

Blue Wave Aquafirst Super Rover Robotic Pool Cleaner

Blue Wave aquafirst super rover robotic pool cleaner is made for in-ground and above-ground pool cleaning solution. This low-profile powerful robotic cleaner features an advanced Linear Jet motor that delivers superior suction and faster cleaning times.

This robotic pool cleaner has been programmed to make your pool spotless in just 1 to 2 hours. It has its own filtration system to collect and remove dirt, bacteria, debris from your pool.

Super Rover robotic pool cleaner cleans vinyl, gunite and fiberglass pools as well as in-ground and above-ground shapes. This is easy to use. It comes with complete with an updated power supply, dual easy cleaning filter bags, 40 ft. of floating, kink-free cord with EZ swivel. See more info and other details on market.

  • 48 Volt Dc Motor
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Assembly Required
  • Brand Name: Blue Wave
  • Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost Right
    "Get updated swimming pool maintenance tips and reduce your cost"